Why I Can't Homeschool Myth: "I Could Never Teach My Child Anything"

There are several responses that I get when I tell people I homeschool. Some people are incredulous. "You homeschool four children!" Some people are impressed. "I think homeschooling would be great." But often people get a little defensive. "I could never homeschool because..."

I'm usually not outspoken enough to challenge their defenses. I'm an introvert who avoids conflict. But sometimes I really want to challenge some of the things they say. Because I know they aren't true.

This is one of my favorite why I can't homeschool myths: "I couldn't homeschool because I could never teach my child anything. They just won't learn from me." Oh really. Who taught your child to walk? Where did he learn his first words? Who introduced him to solid foods and taught him how to hold a utensil and eat? Who potty trained him?

I suppose that on occasion someone might argue back that the child went to daycare where he learned all of those things. But, if they've spent any amount of time with their child during his early years, chances are good that they have taught their child many things.

There are two big reasons why I think a parent is a child's very best teacher.

First, you know your child. You have held him when he cried. You have spent nights walking the floor with him when he couldn't sleep. You've cared for him when he's sick. You know his moods. You know what his different expressions mean. No matter how good a teacher is, a teacher will change from year to year and won't have as much time with your child as you do. They won't know him as well as you.

Secondly, you love your child. I've been a teacher, and I am a mother. I loved my students dearly. But I can say without a doubt that I love my children more. I would do anything for them. I would sacrifice anything for them. I will go to bat for them in any situation. I will take up for them. I will strive to get them what they need educationally. Even the best teacher can't love my child as much as I do.

There are lots of factors that go into a decision about schooling. But, if you've considered homeschooling and don't think you can teach your child anything, remember that you know and love your child more than any great teacher could. And that goes a long way when it comes to teaching your child.

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