No More Kids Book Study: Chapter 3- When Kids Question Am I Important?

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This is a continuation of my thoughts on No More Perfect Kids by Jill Savage and Kathy Koch. You can read my review of the whole book here. This month, I’ve been sharing chapter by chapter what I’ve been thinking as I read. You can preorder the book on Amazon here No More Perfect Kids: Love the Kids You Have, Not the Ones You Want(to be released March 1). But there is also a GREAT incentive to wait and purchase. If you purchase between March 14-22, the official book launch- Hearts and Home and Moody Publishers are giving an additional $100 in resources!

Chapter 3 is titled “Do You Like Me?” Most of the time I know that my children know I love them. I provide for them. I take care of them. I teach them. But do my children always know that I like them?

Sometimes when we have an expectation for our children- a dream or plan for how things are going to turn out- we communicate that to them in actions if not in words. And if our children don’t fall in line with that expectation, they realize that. And they question whether or not we really do like them.

Jill talks in this chapter about what to do with those unrealistic expectations. She talks about the difference between having these unrealistic expectations and feeling frustrated when they aren’t met and having realistic expectations based on who our children really are.

Over and over comes the message that we need to really know our kids, to be in tune with who they are- not who we want them to be. I think this is something that it becomes easy to overlook as parents. When parents are busy with work and responsibilities and kids are busy with school and sports and friends, we don’t have time to know our kids. But we can’t have realistic expectations if we don’t really know them.

There was much to think about here and that conviction of really making sure I’m taking the time to know my kids and to know what is realistic to expect.

I’m still learning so much. I’ll be sharing chapter 4 next- “Am I Important to You?”

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