No More Perfect Kids Book Study: Chapter 2

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In chapter 2, Jill and Kathy talk about the idea of the Perfection Infection. Jill introduces this concept in No More Perfect Moms. The Perfection Infection is when we look around us and we suddenly begin to see all the ways in which we don’t measure up. This Perfection Infection can creep into the way we see our kids also.

Jill then gives ten ways that the Perfection Infection is harmful to kids. She asks us to look at them and see if we recognize any that resonate with us about the way things were handled when we were kids or if we can see areas where our expectations may be affecting our children. It was very interesting to look at these, and I recognized several areas where I struggle now as an adult and several issues that I can begin see in my own kids. One area that I recognized in myself is that I lack very many authentic relationships because I expect a level of perfection in other people that I haven’t expected in myself.

The next part of the chapter takes a look at the difference between excellence and perfection. There are several examples given to illustrate that we don’t have to stop encouraging our children to work toward excellence. We just need to give up on the idea of perfection.

The last part of the chapter goes over the cure for Perfection Infection- several attitudes that can help us to curb that in our relationship with our children- compassion, perception, acceptance, and love. Again I was convicted about the attitude of compassion. I’m not very compassionate to the emotional needs of my kids. I tend to overlook their emotions.

Again and again, I’m reading things that I know can help my relationship with my kids. I’m encouraged and inspired.

Just a note: at the end of each chapter, Jill gives a mom’s story. The story at the end of this chapter is mine. If you want to know what I wrote, you’ll have to read the book. You can preorder it on Amazon here:
No More Perfect Kids

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