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I have a confession. I don’t like math. In fact, I really don’t like math. And I don’t let my kids use this word, but I HATE math. There I’ve said it. Math is the one subject that almost messed up my perfect GPA in high school. (Thankfully I dropped that Advanced Math class before it was too late!) Math just doesn’t make sense to me. I know, I know it’s supposed to be all nice and orderly with little patterns. But it just confuses me.

I went into homeschooling knowing that I was going to struggle with math. But in the beginning, it was all fun and games. I loved teaching addition and subtraction and multiplication and division. I love place value blocks. I love play money. It was all good. And then came high school math. Algebra and Geometry and Calculus, Oh my! It all leaves me asking- How do I teach high school math?!!

Online help sites for high school math

I detailed my math miseries in this Virtual Curriculum Fair post. To sum up, I’ve changed math curricula 3 times so far, and I still haven’t really found a curriculum I like.

I know that my personal math struggles contribute to my constant change. The fact is that I don’t feel very qualified to answer questions or explain math as the kids get older. So I stay in the search for the “perfect” curriculum that can answer all of our questions. It’s so bad that Kathryne- who is now in high school algebra- is begging me NOT to ever change again so that I “don’t keep messing her up.”

In my search for math help, I have found a few resources that I can depend on to help the kids- and me- when we don’t understand or when we need more practice. All of these are free to use. Most don’t require any kind of registration.

Kahn Academy- This is a math and science website that has videos on all kinds of topics. They have new things every time I check back. And I really think it has some great stuff for high school math. My only complaint is that I sometimes have a hard time finding a specific topic that I’m looking for help with.

Online Math Learning– This site also have a variety of videos. They have help from PreK math all the way through the high school maths. I really like this. This one makes it a little easier to find specific topics. There are videos and sample problems for every topic.

Algebra Help– As the name suggests, this site specifically covers algebra topics. There is a written explanation with examples and then a worksheet to practice for each topic.

Math Planet– This site has help for Prealgebra, Algebra 1 and 2, Geometry, and SAT and ACT test prep. There are text explanations and videos.

So with a little help, math is getting easier for me. If I can just stick with one curriculum for a while maybe the kids and I can get it.

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