T-shirt Bag and Cereal Box Notebook: Two Simple Upcycled Crafts

Every other Friday we attend a co-op called, fittingly, Fun Friday. The purpose of the co-op is mostly social, but the classes are fun; and my kids have learned much. The older kids are doing an upcycling class this year, and some of their projects have been so cute, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how easy and fun some of their upcycled crafts have been, Here are two very easy favorites that you can try with your kids.

Two upcycled crafts: t-shirt bag and cereal box notebook

The T-shirt Bag

This one is a very simple way to use an old t-shirt that you’ve outgrown or that is getting too worn. I think it would be a great way to use your old sports team t-shirts. I know every time my kids play a sport, they get a team shirt. And after the season is over, there isn’t much to do with the shirt. So, here’s the simple and cute t-shirt bag.

An old t-shirt

Cut the arms out of your t-shirt. Cut around the neck of the shirt leaving just a strap between the arm hole and the cut out neck.

At the bottom of your shirt, make cuts about an inch apart all the way around the shirt making strips all along the bottom. Lay the shirt out flat and tie the strips together.

The girls liked the fringe at the bottom, but some of the boys chose to make their bags inside out so that they could turn it and have the fringe inside the bag, not showing.

The Cereal Box Notebook

We eat lots of cereal around here, and there are always empty cereal boxes. This cute craft makes a good use of the boxes.

Empty Cereal Box
Hole punch (a three hole punch is best, but you can use a single punch)
Notebook paper

Cut the cereal box making two equal sized cardboard pieces that are slightly bigger than your sheet of notebook paper. Use a hole punch to make holes to match a piece of notebook paper. A three hole punch is perfect to get the holes the same distance apart.

Put your paper between the two cover pieces and tie strips of yarn through each hole to fasten your notebook together. You could also use notebook rings that you can purchase at an office supply store. But the yarn was really cute.

Use the yarn to attach a pencil to one of the holes, and you’ll always have a pencil ready.

This craft was perfect for my daughter who always likes to have a notebook handy.

The kids are learning so many cute ideas through upcycling, and it’s made all of us a little more aware of not just throwing things away but looking for an alternate way to use them.

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