This Week's Favorite Read: It Had to Be You by Susan May Warren

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Last year I had the privilege to be on the launch team for a new series by Susan May Warren. I reviewed the first book of her Christiansen Family series, Take a Chance on Me. I’ve loved many novels from Susie May, and this one grabbed me from the beginning. You can read my review here, and read what Susie May had to say about her new series here.

I was super excited to get the second book in the series- It Had to Be You.

This installment follows the life of Eden Christiansen. She’s always been an “on the sidelines” sibling, the cheerleader for all of her brothers and sisters. But when her brother Owen, the hockey player, has an injury, Eden has to figure out her own life. And in the process develops a relationship with Jace, the bad boy hockey team captain.

Susie May’s books strike a perfect balance for me. There are two parts I like about a fiction novel- especially a romance. I want to know the behind the scenes thoughts of the characters. If it’s told in first person, I want to know the narrator, and I want to know what the narrator thinks about the other characters. I also want consistent, flowing action that makes sense.

Many books seem to swing too far in one direction or the other. Sometimes it seems, we’re always hearing the character’s thoughts. And then the action seems stilted and choppy. Things don’t seem to flow. In other books, I sometimes feel as if I am reading a news report. It’s just a record of what’s happening, and I don’t know anything at all about the character’s thoughts or feelings.

Susie May’s books are the perfect balance. I know the characters. They are fully developed. I know what they’re thinking. I can read their emotions. But there is also a consistent flow of action. Things happen in a reasonable way. Things are not totally predictable, but they are believable.

I could especially relate to Eden in this novel. I’m also a side lines person whose identity is often wrapped up in others. I could relate to how Eden needed to learn to step back and to let go.

I also love how these books are the perfect balance of being inspiring and even, at times, convicting. But they aren’t every preachy. Susan can talk about God’s will for our life and our relationship with Him without sounding at all like a sermon.

I loved It Had to Be You. I can’t wait for the next book in the series. I give this one 5 stars and a G for content.

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed are entirely my own.

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