This Week's Favorite Read: No More Perfect Kids By Jill Savage and Kathy Koch

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NoMorePerfectKids_COVI’ve been posting about my thoughts as I’ve been reading No More Perfect Kids by Jill Savage and Kathy Koch, but I’m going to give my review of the book here and then continue my chapter by chapter study.

In No More Perfect Kids, Jill and Kathy take a look at our relationship with our kids. They explore our expectations of our kids and how those expectations can affect our relationships- especially when we set up unrealistic expectations. Jill discusses the “Perfection Infection” that can invade our relationships when we have these unrealistic expectations and how that can affect our children. She also gives “antidotes” to the infection, several mindsets that we can have that will help us to protect against those unrealistic expectations. The theme of the book is a phrase used repeatedly- “Parent the kids you have, not the ones you wish you had.”

I needed this book. I’ve learned so much- not only about my relationship with my kids but also about my relationship with my parents. It’s so easy to fall into the trap of unrealistic expectations, and it’s especially damaging to our kids when we have these unrealistic expectations for them.

The book is easy to read in the way it’s laid out. The chapters each talk about some of the questions children have about themselves and how the Perfection Infection can affect the way our kids feel about those areas.

At then end of the book there are several resources that you can use in your parenting- resources that go along with the information in the book. There is also a leader’s guide so that you can use the book as a small group study.

I loved the book, and I will highly recommend it. BUT, I’m going to tell you NOT to buy this book right now. Don’t run over and preorder it! Because it you purchase this book between March 14 and 22, during the book’s official launch, Hearts and Home and Moody Publishers are offering over $100 of additional resources. More information will be coming out mid-February, and I will share that with my readers, so that you can take advantage of the offer.

In the meantime, continue tuning in for my thoughts on each chapter.

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