Weekly Wrap Up: Can It Just Be Spring Already?

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So last week we had snow. This week we started the week with cooler temperatures, but then we had a few really spring like days. I think the poor dog got walked so many times on Monday that she didn’t know what to think. We all just wanted to enjoy the weather with her! Now it’s going to be rainy and cold over the weekend, and I actually saw that we might have “icy mix” next week. Here in the South that means enough yucky stuff to make it dangerous to drive around those of us with no snow driving skills but nothing pretty like actual snow. I heard the dumb groundhog said six more weeks of winter. I sure hope he was wrong because I’m ready for spring!

Ashlyne and Rachel are supposed to be reading Astronomy next for My Father’s World. They use the Apologia Astronomy which we’ve already read, so I’m just reading various books and doing some of the activities they have. This week we made the planets to scale using a centimeter ruler. It was a really good activity for seeing the size of the planets in relation to each other.

In art we drew triptychs illustrating a story from the Bible. This was a Medieval art style.

In our Flying Creatures book we read about mating and eggs, and this experiment looked at how a mama bird can sit on her eggs without breaking them. We squeezed the eggs hard in our hands with equal pressure, and they didn’t crack. But when we hit them on the edge of the sink they cracked.

The kitty enjoyed the beautiful spring-like weather too.

Ashlyne and Rachel are using K5 Learning as part of a review I’m doing. It’s been the perfect thing as they need some math practice due to our ongoing math dilemma. I’m seeing some positive things so far.

We’ve taken Blondie to our biweekly science group twice now. Our friends have dogs also. This week we had a new puppy member of our group. We let him meet the big dogs slowly.

After we had read about birds mating and eggs, Ashlyne and Rachel had a very cute activity that involved drawing a comic strip to illustrate the life of a bird from egg to mating to laying its own eggs.

One of the exciting things for me this week was a new Ninja Mega Kitchen System for my kitchen! The kids are loving it too and have made tons of smoothies already.

Rachel is enjoying the Kinderbach review I’m doing. She’s learning some things about music and the keyboard. Even though it has turned out to be a little young for her, there are some really fun things about it, and she enjoys it.

You didn’t think I’d get through the week without at least one more dog picture, right. She loves cuddling on the couch with her Daddy.

After our co-op this morning, I headed out of town with my mom and sister for a girls weekend in Charleston. Here we are at the beautiful Embassy Suites hotel. It’s only the second time I’ve ever left all the kids and Jason overnight! I’m having fun, but I do miss them.

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