Weekly Wrap Up: More and More Snow

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If you read my posts and you are from the North, please don't laugh at me. But if you are from the South, you will understand what I mean when I say -It snowed for three days straight this week! Three! And we have snow- five inches or more- all over our yard. Here in the South, that's a pretty big deal.

We did not take school off this week, however. After our impromptu winter break two weeks ago- when we also had snow, by the way- we don't really need to take off much more. I did give abbreviated school so that the kids could play with cousins and neighbors in the snow.

Ashlyne and Rachel have been working on Spelling You See this week. This is a brand new curriculum from the creators of Math U See, and cannot wait to review it. I am really liking it, and they are also.

On Tuesday we spent lots of time looking out of the window as it snowed and snowed and snowed and snowed. The roads didn't really start to get any snow until after dark, so we still had our science group. Jason was off work early, so he drove us. The kids really loved science not because of the amazing things that learned but because they got to play in the snow with their friends. They did learn something, though. We talked about graphing changes over time.

On Wednesday, we had abbreviated school so that cousins could come over and play in the snow. For art Wednesday, the kids painted a Diptyche- a two paneled piece that shows two scenes of a story from the Bible.

On Thursday, we did abbreviated school again. This time Jason took the kids to their cousins' house to sled. 

Today has been pretty laid back. We've still got a good bit of snow and ice on the roads. Jason did go into work for a little bit, but all of our extra activities have been canceled. We always have light school on the Fridays we don't have co-op, so today was pretty laid back. We started school in the living room because Blondie wanted to cuddle with Charles. And one of the best things about homeschooling is that we can cuddle our dog whenever we want to.

Charles did an experiment looking at the relationship between incline and velocity. He saw what happened when he rolled the eggs toward each other, and we got to clean up some messy egg.

Ashlyne, Rachel and I were talking about eggs also. We're finishing up that unit in our Flying Creatures study. We completed a mini book with facts about mating and eggs.

We are supposed to get more wintry mix tonight and early morning. I'm hoping Jason will take me to the grocery store tonight. It's not exactly a romantic date for Valentines Day, but I'm getting a little stir crazy; and we really need groceries.


  1. I'm so amazed at the amount of snow that our southern friends are getting - what a crazy winter! Feeling the stir-crazies here as well!

  2. We're in the Willamette Valley in Oregon and I was amazed it snowed for 3 days! I can relate! :D

  3. It has definitely been a very crazy winter here!

  4. Here in our area of PA, we have gotten almost a foot and a half the last few days. Wow! We are right outside of Philly, so it's not like we live in the woods, lol. :-) Looks like you had a great week. We are really liking Spelling U See, as well. Like the science experiment with the eggs. Have a good rest of your weekend. Stay warm!

  5. You are turning into northerners! We get one big snow and are done with it till Spring, and it just keeps showing up ;). Hopefully it will be here soon! Looking forward to your Spelling U See review!


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