Weekly Wrap Up: Now It's Spring (My Father's World Week #24)

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If you remember from my wrap up last week, we had snow. We had almost a week’s work of snow. Today the temperature was in the high 60s. I was in shorts and a tshirt. In between, we’ve had an earthquake- very slight and I didn’t feel it- and a thunderstorm. Only in the South can you find such crazy weather. And I’ve heard we might have more snow next weekend. Oh well, we’ll be enjoying the sun while we have it. On Wednesday night I took this picture of the snowflakes on the classroom window while it was 75 degrees outside.

Here is my dog picture for the week. You knew I couldn’t resist. And, yes, we still really love her.

Monday was President’s Day, but we didn’t take the day off. We kept right on with school. We are in week 24 of My Father’s World. I can say for sure that I am still just as in love with this curriculum. And I can’t wait to use it again next year. This week we were reading about the cultures of China and Japan. We took a little detour from the Middle Ages to look at some of the Eastern cultures going on at the same time as the Middle Ages in Europe.

Ashlyne, Rachel and I talked about mixtures with Apologia science. I was very interested to learn that soap has both polar and non polar properties which makes it stick to oils on your skin but also wash off with water. We experimented with putting cooking oil on our hands and trying to wash it off with just water and then washing it off with Dawn.

On Tuesday we had a rescheduled Valentines party. It’s been tradition that we have a party every year to have cake and snacks and exchange valentines and candy with friends. Our party was scheduled for last Friday but was postponed because of the snow. Thankfully, all but one family could come on Tuesday, so we had Valentines cupcakes and some other goodies, and the kids exchanged valentines. I have great friends. Without my even asking them to bring something, they showed up with brownies and crackers and dip. And all of it was gluten free!

Ashlyne and Rachel are still using the Spelling U See program that I am reviewing, and I am liking it more and more.

We drew Florentine towers in art this week. I’ve enjoyed learning some of the drawing techniques along with the kids. Here is my tower compared to the original.

Today was Pajama Day in our Fun Friday co-op. I vote for Pajama Day every Friday. I was very comfortable in my Pjs and slippers. The little girls learned about South Africa in travel class and wolverines in Astonishing Animals. The older crew made lamps out of recycled items in upcycling. After co-op we headed to the library as we usually do to kill some time before Ashlyne needs to be at the gym. We actually came close to having our maximum number of items- 100. We check out lots of books.

One thing that has really not been working for us this year is our math curriculum. I’ve talked in more detail about some of our math troubles here. Kathryne has been especially affected by the troubles with Life of Fred. I finally decided this week to go ahead and get Saxon Algebra 1 for her so she wouldn’t be so far behind. I had checked Amazon and all the other sites I could think of before, and I couldn’t find it at a cost we could afford. But Monday I checked again, and I found the book, solutions manual, and test booklet for less than $25 buying them all separately and used from Amazon! That was a great answer to prayer. Now I hope she’ll be on track. Charles is sticking with a Spectrum Algebra workbook, and he’ll take Algebra 1 with Saxon next year.

I’ve printed out the Singapore scope and sequence charts and am just working with the little girls making sure all of the concepts are covered and that they don’t have gaps. They both seem to be close to grade level, so that’s good. Earlier this week we were working on place value and brought out the old Math U See blocks to use as manipulatives.

I’m going to write a post soon about what exactly has been the problem with Life of Fred for us. I want to do this because I don’t think I knew enough about it when I changed over, and I am hoping I can help others see if it’s a good fit before they switch.

This weekend we’re going to enjoy some nice weather before it snows again. Ashlyne has a meet on Sunday- three more after this one. And we have a birthday party to look forward to.

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