Weekly Wrap Up: Week 25 of My Father's World

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This week was back to some pretty normal for our time of year weather. There was sunshine but chillier temperatures but not the wintry mix I had heard forecast.

In My Father’s World this week we read about the Bubonic Plague and the Hundred Years War. We read about Joan of Arc and the struggles between France and England during the Middle Ages. We also began listening to the story of Beethoven as our last composer of the year.

We’re pretty silly around here. It’s one of the reasons that I love homeschooling. I can always trust one- or more- of the kids to cook up something to make me laugh.

On Tuesday we got together with our science group. The kids have looked at graphing this month and changes over time. My friend who was hosting this month is a college math teacher, and she always has some great math things for the kids. Tuesday she used yummy bread with different dipping oils to help the kids learn to chart and graph exponential changes.

Another thing I love about homeschooling is that everyone- young and old- participates. My little girls- ages 9 and 8- had the opportunity to use a graphing calculator with some help.

After we talked about increases over time, we talked about decreases over time and half life using m&ms. It was a math lesson everyone enjoyed.

We tried letting Blondie in the schoolroom while we did school today. She’s beginning to experience separation anxiety when we are all in the other room without her. Unfortunately she ate a pencil, so her visit to the schoolroom was short-lived.

Charles and I have struggled with science for the last two years. I love Apologia and want him to continue it, but he struggles with the reading level. We’ve gone back and forth over what to do. This week I received a subscription to Supercharged Science’s eScience program to review. This is a hands on science and there are some lessons that actually correspond with Apologia. I set him up this week, and he jumped right in. In learning about the states of matter, he made a plasma grape. It really pretty cool- although dangerous to the microwave and possibly to people- because a flame shoots up in the microwave.

Ashlyne, Rachel, and I did some fun science this week also. We are reading in Apologia’s Exploring Creation with Chemistry and Physics. This week we read about mixtures and how to separate some solutions. We used chromotography to separate the colors in markers. We used coffee filters and drew lines with markers at the top of each strip of paper. We then put the papers in cups with a small amount of water. As the water is wicked up the paper, the colors begin to separate.

Today was Blondie’s first vet visit as our dog. We took her to the pet hospital at Petsmart because this had been highly recommended. She did very well, and we were pleased with the service and with the vet. The vet declared her healthy except for some ear irritation.

This weekend we have a Sofia the First birthday party to attend- my niece’s 4th birthday. We’re also looking forward to some more pretty weather; although the notorious “wintry mix” is still on the horizon.

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