Bible in 90 Days: Day 76 (And a Comparison of the Gospels)

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I took a count to day to see what day of reading I should be on. I know there have been a few days that I was behind. I finished day 75 today, and I should be on day 76. So, I’m really right about where I need to be. The Bible in 90 Days program gives you two built in “grace” days. So if I don’t skip at all, I finish in 88 days.

I’m reading along in the gospels right now. I find that when I hit the New Testament, I read faster, and I tend to read more at a time. I really enjoy the gospels and reading about the life of Christ.

I often hear the gospel accounts sited as one reason that people don’t believe the Bible is true. The gospels are four different accounts of Jesus’ life written by four different people who were with Him daily. It is true that occasionally event details vary from one gospel to another. But the accounts are remarkably similar with no more changes in detail than we could expect with four different versions of the same story. (Have you ever listened to four of your children all tell the same story?!) The gospel writers tend to focus on different things in their accounts. This difference in perspective accounts for many of the detail differences we might read.

I like to use a chart that shows the events of the gospels side by side. This is a good one.

I’m going to finish up the gospels tomorrow and head into Acts and the history of the early church. That’s been a good part of our history this year, so I’m interested.

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