Bible in 90 Days: Over Halfway There

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I realized that I didn’t post about reading the Bible in 90 Days last week. I’m still reading through and am over halfway there now. I am on Day 53. I finished up with Psalms, read Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and Song of Solomon, and am now finishing Isaiah.

Ecclesiastes is actually one of my favorite books. It sounds rather depressing when it starts off- “Meaningless, meaningless, everything is meaningless”-but there is some great truth here. Life without God is meaningless. Without His purpose and direction, nothing really matters. It’s something we all need to remember.

The other thing that is standing out to me right now is God’s Word through the prophets. The prophets prophesied during some of those kingdoms that I’ve just finished reading about. They warned the people what would happen if they didn’t confess the sin of idol worship and turn to God. But through all the prophecies of judgment, God constantly reassures them that He will maintain a remnant, that He will never give them up entirely.

I’m heading into the other prophets next week after I finish Isaiah.

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