House Party Fun- Nerf Rebelle

I was very excited to find out about House Party, a group that provides items for you to host a house party to try out new and exciting things! I applied for a few parties before I finally had the opportunity to do one. And it was a great one. We had a whole box of Nerf Rebelle toys shipped to our house. Nerf Rebelle is the new dart gun line for girls. There are guns, bows, and crossbows. And of course they are pink and purple and white- all sorts of girlie colors.

We invited some friends and planned a party in our yard. Unfortunately the weather didn’t cooperate. So we headed to our church gym for some Nerf fun.

We started with some free play so the kids could try out all the toys. Then we had an archery competition with the Nerf bow.

After our archery competition we divided the kids up for a game that we transformed. The original game is called Dr. Dodgeball and is played with dodge balls. The object is to protect a secret “general” from being hit. We adapted and played with Nerf guns, so everyone got to shoot at the other team. The kids really enjoyed it and we had several rounds.

All of time was great fun. The kids loved the toys. And everyone got bracelets and tattoos and, of course, coupons to purchase Nerf Rebelle toys. There were two Nerf Rebelle head bands, and my girls wore those.

Much thanks to House Party and Nerf Rebelle for a great day!

Disclosure: We received products from Nerf Rebelle in exchange for review. All opinions here are entirely my own.

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