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As the mom of two teens- and two who are getting closer every day- media consumption is something that is always at the forefront of my mind. With all of the constant media bombardment around us, I do consider how it is affecting me and my family. I had the opportunity to review the Captivated DVD from Media Talk 101. The DVD sells for $16.95. It is meant for adults but has been approved for all ages.

I watched the DVD myself and then discussed it with my husband and with the kids.

The DVD takes a look at several things- the amount of media that our culture is taking in on a regular basis, the content of the media we are watching and some of the problems with the content, and what we can do about the influence of media on our families.

I thought that the presentation in the DVD was well done. The documentary has many contributors who speak to many different areas of media consumption. There are pastors and theologians and professors and authors and a variety of everyday people who all talk about the influence of media.

The professionals featured do a good job of explaining the problem and offering solutions. The “ordinary” people who are featured talk about their experiences with media and realizations that they have had too much media influence. One of the main ideas throughout the DVD is that of a “media fast” for individuals and families. There is a good explanation of this idea of a media fast as well as some good information from some of the families and individuals who have found freedom through doing this.

There was quite a bit to think about presented in the DVD. There were some things I was convicted about. There were some things I didn’t fully agree with. And there were several ideas for our family that I discussed with Jason and the kids.

I was convicted about the amount of time we’ve let the kids use media. I think sometimes we don’t monitor that well. I was convicted that there could be some content we’ve allowed that we shouldn’t have. I was also convicted by the truth that filling our lives with media cancels time that we could be building relationships with each other and with God. This was a main message of the DVD, and it really rang true with me. It’s one of the messages I shared with Jason and the kids when we discussed the movie.

I didn’t fully agree with the movie’s message. I don’t think it’s a good idea to shelter kids from all media all the time. I think we need to give limited exposure as it’s age appropriate in order to facilitate family discussions and to give the kids the opportunity to learn discernment while they are still at home with us. I also didn’t agree with the divide the presenters seemed to draw. It seemed as if they presented parents as falling into one of two categories: those who are involved and concerned and didn’t allow much media and those who are totally not involved and who allow their children to do anything. I think there is a third group who make deliberate choices about what to allow and not allow for the purpose of discussing with and preparing their kids.

I did think that the idea of a media fast would be a good one for our family. I’ve discussed it with Jason and the kids. We haven’t decided on terms yet, and I don’t think the kids are really on board, but I think a designated time without media to focus on building our relationships with others and with God would be good.

There were some good and thought-provoking things brought up in the DVD. It was well-done with the variety of presenters and the thoroughness of the information presented.

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