Review of K5 Learning: An Online Reading and Math Program

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Ashlyne and Rachel enjoy online learning activities, so I was curious when I was asked to review K5Learning. We’ve had a subscription for the last six weeks so that I could take a look and the girls could try it out.

K5Learning has activities for K-5th graders. The activities include reading, math, online spelling practice and online math facts practice. I was especially interested in trying out the math activities because we’ve had math curricula problems this year, and I’ve been looking for ways to “fill in the gaps.”

When I filled out a profile for each girl, I gave them a grade level. There were several ways to get started with activities. The student could take an assessment. The parent can assign activities. Or the program will begin with activities at the grade level designated in the profile.

I decided to give Rachel the assessment and to just make assignments for Ashlyne because I wanted to see how both worked.

The assessment was a little long for Rachel. She was having a hard time sitting there. So I let her split it up between days. Ashlyne started in on the activities that I assigned her.

Besides the math learning, there is also a reading learning section. It begins with topics as easy as the alphabet and continues on with phonics and then into reading comprehension.

There is a math facts practice section that allows the child to choose addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division. I liked the way this was set up because it had kids work until mastery. For example, they started with the adding 0 tables, and they worked until they mastered it quickly with no mistakes. Then the program would move them to the adding 1s tables. It continued this way so that the kids worked until that table was mastered. This was good for the girls who have needed to be quicker with basic math facts.

There is also a spelling and vocabulary practice section. You can enter in the words, and the program gives a “quiz” for the student to practice the words.

What we liked:
1. The program was cute and colorful and grabbed their attention. It was fun for them, and they looked forward to it.
2. I liked the assessment placement. It was nice to have the lessons start where they needed to be.
3. The lesson assignment feature made it easy to have the girls work on certain lessons- a plus for us when I was hoping to use this to fill in gaps.
4. I liked the way the math facts practice was set up with the kids working until mastery.
5. The program was easy for the girls to learn to log in and get started.
6. I liked that I could see a report of what each girl had done, her skill level and her progress.

What we didn’t like:
1. Some of the lessons seemed a little long, and the assessment was particularly long. It was not good for kids with short attention spans.
2. I really didn’t like the spelling practice. The computer voice reads out the word, and the sound wasn’t at all good. It didn’t seem to be the computer as I could listen to anything else without distortion.

K5Learning is $25 a month for the first child and $15 a month for additional children. You can visit the site for a free trial period and sample lessons.

Disclosure: I received a free limited time subscription from K5Learning in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are entirely my own.

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