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I’m known as the queen of organization by my family and friends who know me in real life. There’s nothing I love more than a clean planner. It’s like having a clean slate, a new start. It makes me happy. So I was pretty excited to get my hands on a new planner for review.

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Motivated Moms has printable planners and an app for ipods, iphones, and ipads. The planners help moms plan their days and organize their chores. I had my choice of the Motivated Moms Ebooks to print out and use. Each ebook is $8 and there are a variety including half page, full page, black and white, color, chore planners, planners with a daily Scripture. The planners are meant for moms, but you could teach your children to use them- especially daughters you are teaching homemaking skills.

One of the very unique things about this planner was the chore schedule. I’ve always used a chore schedule with certain chores done on certain days as well as daily chores I always do. But many planners aren’t set up that way. Motivated Moms planners focus on that chore schedule.

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I chose to use the Half-Sized Page Per Day Black and White Planner. There are several components to each page.

1. Each page has the day and date and they are specified for 2014.
2. Each page has a list of daily chores. There are sixteen pretty common chores and three blanks to write in your own.
3. Each page has a few alternating chores listed for each day. The number of these change depending on what kind of chores these are. There is not a space to write different chores in here.
4. Each page has a section to write your daily appointments from 8am to 8pm.
5. Each page has a box in which to write your daily menu plan.
6. Each page has a section at the bottom to write in notes for the day.

I needed a good printer and a good bit of ink to print out all the pages for a year. I decided instead to print out a few months at a time. I printed mine out and put them in a three ring notebook. They are the perfect size to fit in a half page planner notebook if you already have one you are using.

After I had my notebook put together, I looked ahead and planned out the events I knew that I had coming up. I wrote in my daily menu plans. And I took a look at the daily chore lists to see what was coming up.

Each day, I could use the Daily chores section as a checklist to double check that I was hitting all of the “usual” chores. The “extra” chores section at the top could trigger my memory about some of those chores that don’t need to be done as often but could easily be forgotten. As I looked at the appointments section throughout the day to check on what was coming up, the chore lists were right there to remind me.
I had mixed feelings about this planner. I’m pretty much an online planner person now. But as a young mom, I loved paper planners. And I know many people still love them. And there are times I wish for something written down in front of me. So I was curious to see if this would be a paper planner I would just love.
Here is what I liked:
* It’s dated. I know that is a drawback for some people, but when I use a paper planner, I like to have it already dated because I don’t like to have to label it all by hand
* I like that there were different varieties. The full page planner would have taken more ink and paper to print, and I really didn’t need it that big. So I liked being able to choose the half page planner.
* I liked the idea of “chore reminders” along with your daily planning.
* I liked the menu planning box so that the day’s meal plan could be on the same page as my planner.
But I didn’t like:
* The chores were preset. There were a good many of the daily chores and the extra chores that weren’t at all relevant to me. I would like the ability to choose my own chores.
* The appointment schedule was broken down in hours. Personally, I just like the time broken down further-maybe into 30 minute increments.
* I don’t like having to print the planner out. I would prefer to pay more and buy a printed book. I’ve found that with just my standard household printer, printing a whole book like this is hard on the printer.
I think this could work well for someone who likes a paper planner- especially if you need help organizing your chore schedule too.
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