Some Great Pinterest Resources for Homeschooling

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With the advent of Pinterest and its increasing popularity, homeschoolers have found a great place full of resources for any and all kinds of homeschooling needs. There are boards devoted to record keeping, science, language, math, history, science, fine arts, and even to particular curricula and their resources. I love finding great ideas on Pinterest. I keep my Pinterest boards organized by subject so that I can find these resources easily.

Here are some of my favorite Pinterest homeschool resources organized by subject:

History and Geography Resources:
Tons of Creative Ways to Teach Your Kids Geography!
#Resources for Studying the #Vikings
Review of God's World News: a great resource for current events from a Christian perspective
Some great resources for teaching American history...
Science Resources:

This site has virtual surgeries of all types and virtual dissections!
Build A Model Robotic Hand to Demonstrate how tendons make the fingers function! Fascinating project that is easy to complete.
As We Walk Along the Road: Review of Exploring Creation With Chemistry and Physics from Apologia
delivering grace: Five ice activities
Math Resources:

Math Worksheets Land - Tons of Printable Math Worksheets From All Grade Levels
Resources for teaching #highschool level #math
As We Walk Along the Road: Review of Economics for Everybody and a Great Deal from Educents
Elementary Division Teaching Ideas
Language Arts Resources:

There is  a TON of FREE children's literature out there if you just search hard enough. This is a list of some really GREAT books! | www.ref...
Mom's Heart: Poetry for Kids
As We Walk Along the Road: Review of VocabularySpelling City: An Online Spelling and Vocabulary Practice
FREE Phonics for Elementary Students
Fine Arts Resources:

Review of #Kinderbach: #Music for Young Kids
Watercolor Resist Silhouettes - Enchanted Homeschooling Mom
#Free art journal pages
As We Walk Along the Road: Shakespeare in Bits: A Great Way to Teach Shakespeare (And a great offer from Educents!)- affiliate linked post
Pinterest can be a great, great resource for homeschoolers. Are there any great Pinterest resources you’ve found? Leave them in the comments. And check out what other Schoolhouse Review Crew members think about using Pinterest.

Homeschooling with Pinterest

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