Weekly Wrap Up: It's Winter; It's Spring; It's Winter; It's Spring

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It’s been another mixed up weather week. We had some rain and drizzly weather which ended up with cooler weather at the end of the week. But now it’s beautiful outside and looks like spring is surely on the way. We’ve had a pretty normal week this week. Last weekend, Charles was sick. Thankfully it was short-lived and didn’t really affect our school plans.

On Monday I joined in with our art lesson again. I think I enjoy the art instruction as much as the kids. This drawing was to practice the human form and to give the character an “Italian” look from the Renaissance period.

 We were in week 27 of My Father’s World this week. We looked at some of the West African empires that were prominent around the time of the middle ages. One of the activities for the week was to make a Mancala game. We actually own two mancala boards because it’s a game we’ve enjoyed for a long time. Two players take turns moving the pieces around the board and trying to collect the most pieces. This is a good little tutorial to make your own mancala game to play. Kathryne happened to be walking through the schoolroom when we were playing, so she joined in.

Several science projects were happening in our house this week. Ashlyne and Rachel and I were looking at the carbon dioxide released from a soda. They experimented by putting a soda in the freezer and one in the sun for one hour. At the end of the hour, they unscrewed the lids to see which bottle released more carbon dioxide.

Charles was busy with his science fair project this week also. It’s become tradition for us to host a small science fair for our science group in March. Somehow I must have agreed that Charles’s project could involve going on the roof and dropping eggs. And apparently I agreed that Kathryne could go up also to watch. I was obviously distracted when I agreed.

We compromised by having Jason go on the roof too. Charles had eggs in various “protective” situations. He dropped them to see which one would keep the egg from breaking. He’s going to take a look at the laws of motion and force.

Ah, my dog picture of the week. This boy is the one who used to be terrified of dogs.

I hit a blog milestone this week: my 1000th post! Don’t forget to go here and enter my giveaway for two fiction and two nonfiction books.

Today is Pi (Pie) Day in case you didn’t know. March 14- 3.14- is Pi Day for all math fans. We were supposed to go celebrate with friends, but they had a child get sick. So we ate our pies at home with some friends. It probably wasn’t highly educational. But it was pretty fun.

This coming week is our church’s mission emphasis week. I am helping with childcare. I’ve always enjoyed helping with the missionaries kids. I also look forward to what the kids- and I- can learn about praying for and supporting missions.

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