Weekly Wrap Up: Missions and a Gymnastics Meet

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This week was our missions week at church. For years now I’ve helped with children during this week. I’ve enjoyed getting to know the missionaries who visit by keeping their children. And my children have learned the blessing of serving in the process. This year we only had one family who had little ones, but we did have several times to help with them. So we had an abbreviated school week. We also had today off because Ashlyne had her state gymnastics meet in Columbia.

There’s a review coming soon for CTC math. I have to say, so far three out of four kids are really liking it- and the fourth hasn’t tried it yet. Even my very picky child likes it. I’m very glad.

We read about India in My Father’s World this week. The book had a recipe for chapitis, so Ashlyne and Rachel and I gave them a try. They were a little more doughy than they should have been. I couldn’t taste them because we used used wheat flour, but the girls and Charles all thought they were pretty yuck. Blondie liked them.

Speaking of Blondie, I can’t help but post pictures of her. Isn’t she so cute?

I’ve got several great reviews coming up- besides CTC math. We’ve got these great new NERF for girls items, the new NERF Rebelle. We’ve got a party coming up next weekend to review these!

And then there’s the ARTistic Pursuits curriculum that came in the mail. I’m really excited about this one!

And here’s that really cute dog again. Can you tell we love her?
Today we headed to Columbia for Ashlyne’s state gymnastic meet. She’s had a tough year, having moved up two levels from last year. She finished solidly in the middle of her age group today, and that was great for her. We’re also glad to be done with meet season for the year. And I think she’s probably glad for a break as well.

The end of this week has had weather that actually seems as if spring is arriving. I’m more than ready for it.

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