Weekly Wrap Up: Week 26 of My Father's World

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Winter came back this week. It’s been chilly, and the end of the week has been cold and wet. I’m more than ready for spring. And I’m extremely thankful for Daylight Savings Time starting this weekend. Even though we lose an hour at first, it means we have more daylight each day!

Charles started using Supercharged Science this week. (A review is coming.) He’s needed something to help with science, and I’ve excited because this is so hands on. So far it seems a good fit for him. This was an experiment with volume and density.

I received my copy of No More Perfect Kids this week, signed by Jill and Kathy, the authors. I reviewed the book here. And soon I’ll have information about buying the book and getting a great set of freebies! I received my freebies this week also, and there are some really good things. The No More Perfect resource site is open now also. You can check it out and sign up for free emails that can help you to put in practice some of the ideas in the book.

On Thursday of this week we went to our local science museum, Discovery Place. Although we renewed our membership this year, it had been a while since we were there. When we first arrived it was pretty crowded with field trips, but we’ve learned that the field trips start to leave after lunch. So then we can look around with less crowd.

This little guy was watching us when we went into the rain forest room. He hopped around on this little rope bridge.

After the crowd had died down, the kids were able to interact with the museum guides more with some science activities and snake petting.

Today was our Fun Friday co-op picture day. Last year the kids put together a year book for our group. It was so fun to see the pictures and remember the good times we had. So today they were taking pictures of our whole group and each class.

This weekend we are celebrating Jason’s 40th birthday. He always likes to joke that I’m so much older- only 4 months- but it is true that I turned 40 first. We started the weekend by watching Catching Fire with the big kids. I took them to see it in the theater, and we got the DVD just released Friday.
Before I finish my wrap up, you know I had to post a dog picture of the week. We just love this baby.

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