Weekly Wrap Up: Week 29 of My Father's World and a Brand New Publix

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This has been a very fun week in many ways. We got lots of great new review products. A brand new Publix opened in our area. Blondie started doggy school! Ashlyne is celebrating her first double digits birthday. And Kathryne started volleyball games. It’s been a busy, but enjoyable, week here.

Two very cool review things came on Monday. We are reviewing Maestro Classics and Logic of English Essentials. We started both of them right away and have enjoyed both so far.

On Monday we were working on our ARTistic Pursuits review. We started with drawing, and all three kids seemed to enjoy it. (I’m only doing it with the younger set.) One of the things they loved right away was that they each got a brand new sketch pad to work with.

On Monday we finished up our science projects for our small science fair that we do with our science group each year. We’ve shared science experiments and fun with two other families from our church for four years now. This will be our last year as the other two families have children going away to high school next year.

A couple of years ago I started a small science fair for the kids to do each March. It’s nothing fancy. They have to choose a topic and experiment and record data. But they don’t have to do a full research paper.It’s more for fun and to give the kids a taste of a science fair.

Because the other kids are going away to school next year, this was our final science fair. We saved some things to the last minute- as always. So all of the kids were finishing up Monday.

Kathryne’s project involved comparing personality types with whether a person was a “cat person” or “dog person.”

Charles’s project involved dropping eggs off of the roof to see what might protect them from impact. Peanut butter was the best insulator and actually protected the eggs from cracking.

Ashlyne and Rachel wanted to do cooking projects. And because I waited to the last minute to help them, I had them do one together. We experimented with why corn syrup is needed in a candy recipe. We made two batches of lollipop candies- one with corn syrup and one without.

I have given the disclaimer that I am not a cook. Well, I’m not sure why I keep letting my kids talk me into cooking projects! Apparently a meat thermometer is NOT the same as a candy thermometer. We I burned both batches of candy. Thankfully, the girls could still see differences in the two batches- even though they weren’t edible.

On Monday evening, Blondie went to her first night of doggy school. She’s a well behaved dog in most areas. But she does have issues walking on her leash. And she is stubborn sometimes. Jason wants all of us- especially the kids- to be able to instruct her. So we are all taking training classes with her. She did well Monday- despite a small accident on the floor of the training room. She actually walked for us in practice in the store (Petsmart) and has been practicing at home.

This week in My Father’s World, we looked at some early Central and South American cultures. On Tuesday we made a Mayan codex. For the Mayans, these were strips of bark with information drawn on them.

When our science friends came over, the kids all had the chance to present their science projects.

On Wednesday we took a little school break so that I could visit the brand new Publix in town. We did accomplish some school, and we made up for it today, so I’m not really a bad mother. I was so excited to see the new Publix. I’ve been shopping at the one in Fort Mill- the small town above us. But the new one is right in the center of our town and will be much more convenient as an “on my way” store. I love Publix because they have the gluten free/organic/all natural items I want. But they also try to be very competitive in prices and coupon/sale match ups.

Sunday is Ashlyne’s double digit birthday. I can’t believe my third child is turning 10! We started the birthday celebrations on Thursday with a family birthday party.

Ah, and here is the very cute dog picture for the week. Blondie helped me write reviews on Thursday evening.

Today- Friday- Ashlyne, Rachel, and I worked on clay pizzas to go along with the book and activities I’ll be presenting for the Poppins Book Nook on Monday. Be sure to check in and read the post. We had lots of fun with our book this month!

Kathryne finished her work early today, and she had free time to make a Minecraft chess board. Don’t ask me how, but I thought it was pretty cool.

Tonight Kathryne started volleyball games. Kathryne has never been a big sports person, but she has enjoyed volleyball for the last three years with ROAR- our church sports outreach league. This will be the last year she can play. But she has enjoyed it and has grown in skill over the years.

This weekend is going to be busy with more birthday parties and excitement. We’re looking forward to it, although it will be busy!

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