When Homeschooling Isn't Fun

There are many days when our homeschooling is fun. We can be silly over most anything. Kids laugh. I laugh. And we can enjoy getting off track for a little bit.

Even when it isn’t silly fun, it’s still usually fun in the sense that we all have a good time with each other, and we like just hanging out. We can usually find something to smile about throughout the day.

But, I’ll be honest. Sometimes homeschooling just ins’t fun. Sometimes it’s downright hard. Today was one of those days.

I have a particular child that I love dearly. Most of the time he is sweet and loving. But the two of us don’t agree on much when it comes to school. Today we clashed and clashed.

In the midst of getting ready for our science co-op group, we had to deal with attitudes- his and mine. We had raised voices- his and mine. We had disobedience and an attempt to shirk responsibility- just him this time. We also had a toilet stained pink with food coloring. All over the toilet. Don’t ask.

It wasn’t very fun. And the visions of the big yellow bus arriving to take this child to school might have crossed my mind more than once.

But then we have our science group. And I remember that with the blessing of homeschooling, I choose what my kids are taught. With the blessing of homeschooling, we all gather around- all ages- and learn together. With the blessing of homeschooling we can laugh together over the science video.

We have bad days along with the good. But the truth it that the blessings far outweigh the struggles. And when this boy hugs me at the end of the day, or when he says something that lets me know it’s all sinking in, then I know that homeschooling works. Even when it isn’t fun.

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