Bible in 90 Days: The Completion!- And Some Online Bible Study Resources

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I finished this round of Bible in 90 Days reading yesterday. I always breathe a long sigh when I’m done because it is quite a bit of reading. I did finish before the 90 days however. That would be Sunday.

Reading through the Bible in 90 days is always a blessing today. It helps me to see the big picture- the plan God has for His people. It is definitely not a Bible study though. It is meant to be a quick read through of the Bible. In between sessions of reading through in 90 days, I like to do a more in depth study. Here are some of my favorite resources.

BibleGateway has all kinds of reading plans, devotional plans, Bible studies, and Bible translations. has devotionals that you can sign up to receive, videos, articles from the Christian community at large, and so many more resources.

Blue Letter Bible also offers devotionals, but the really cool thing about this site is that it is an online topical study. You can read a passage, note a specific word, click the word and find the meaning in the original language, and then access other passages with that word/meaning. It’s great for inductive Bible study.

Memverse is a tool for helping you to memorize Scripture. You can choose one of their passages or pick your own, and Memverse will help you set up a study schedule and learn your verses. has a tremendous number of audio and video Bible preachers and instructors. There are resources for all ages here also.

If you ever decide to give reading through the Bible in 90 days a try, I’d love to know about your journey. In the meantime, I hope these resources will be helpful.

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