Creation Science Resources for Learning About Animals

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Young kids love to learn about animals. There are tons of resources for reading about and studying animals. But often these are written from an evolutionary perspective. I’ve often shared those with my kids anyway, depending on their age and understanding. But I love it when I can share with my children some great animal resources from a creationist perspective. Here are some of my favorites:

Dinosaurs for KidsDinosaurs For Kids by Ken Ham – All kids love to learn about dinosaurs. Instead of reading about dinosaurs living millions of years ago, kids can read about these famed animals from a creationist perspective.

Uncovering the Mysterious Woolly MammothUncovering the Mysterious Woolly Mammoth by Beverly and Michael J. Oard– This book teaches kids about the Ice Age from a young earth perspective. Cool animals like the woolly mammoth are always of interest to kids.

God’s Amazing Creatures and Me!God’s Amazing Creatures and Me by Helen Haidle– This is a devotional that features animals. There are illustrations and descriptions of each animal along with a short devotional written just for kids.

Zoo Guide: mini spiral-boundZoo Guide: A Bible Based Handbook to the Zoo– This is a guide to more than 100 animals including pictures and facts.

The Complete Zoo Adventure- This is another type of zoo guide that has information to help kids learn before, during, and after their trip to the zoo.

Marvels of Creation by Buddy and Kay Davis– There are Sensational Sea Creatures, Breathtaking Birds, and Magnificent Mammals that all have beautiful illustrations and information about the animals.

Chronicles of Dinosauria by Dave Woetzel– This is an extremely beautiful book about how and when dinosaurs really lived- not millions of years ago, but created on the sixth day of creation. I reviewed this book last year, and I loved it. My review is here.

Zoology 1Besides these great books to read, Apologia has an excellent zoology curriculum for elementary students with three books that teach kids about flying creatures, swimming creatures, and land animals.

Share some of these exciting resources with the kids in your life. And leave me a comment if you know of any more great animal resources.

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