Five Days of Great Kids' Reads: Our Favorite Early Reader Books

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Early Readers are an important genre. Kids just beginning to gain confidence in reading can be turned away by so much print and so many pages. At the same time I try to pick books with quality- not "twaddle" as Charlotte Mason described it. I look for books than are easy reads but that are more than just a current character story. Here are some that I think are good first readers.

Frog and Toad Are Friends (Frog and Toad, #1)The Frog and Toad books have long been among my favorites. Before I had children and I was a school teacher, I loved the gentle, old-fashioned stories of Frog and Toad and their friendship.

Little BearThe Little Bear books are also written in this easy gentle style. They do refer to magical elements- which isn't a problem for me, but I know some families avoid this. I love the stories of Little Bear and his friends and family.

Danny and the Dinosaur (An I Can Read Book)
The Danny and the Dinosaur  books follow in this same pattern of old-timey scenes and easy to read words. Danny and his friendly dinosaur visit school and have many adventures.

READING-LITERATURE: The Primer (Yesterday's Classics)
The Reading Literature series by Free and Treadwell are some beautiful, Charlotte Mason style early readers. Beginning with the Primer, the books have short story and poem selections that are classics.

Mouse and MoleThe Mouse and Mole books are similar to the style of Frog and Toad. Mouse and mole are friends who have adventures together. They are short "chapter" books and are good for readers who are becoming a little more fluent.

The classic "I Can Read" books are all some of my favorites. The more contemporary "I Can Read" books tend to feature current t.v. and movie characters. But the older, original books have more old-fashioned, timeless stories. This set I Can Read 50th Anniversary Box Set (I Can Read Book 1) has a Danny the Dinosaur book, a Frog and Toad book and also a Biscuit (the dog) book and Amelia Bedelia book (the crazy housekeeper that takes everything literally.)

These are some of our favorite books for readers who are beginning to become more fluent. I like the opportunity to share with them more timeless "living books" and not so much modern character books. We do have some of the latter on our bookshelves because the kids are drawn to them. But I do try to provide a good balance. It's my compromise.

If you have any favorite early reader books, leave them in the comments below.

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