Weekly Wrap Up: Some Beautiful Weather and One More Week Of School

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We ended up with some beautiful weather this week. It’s just in time for spring! We have one more week of My Father’s World and then we’ll be having a break. At the end of May we have Kidshine Drama Camp. And then we will do some school with a light schedule throughout the summer.

Blondie graduated from Doggy School this week. We’ve enjoyed doing it with her, and I think we’ll go on with the Intermediate class after this because we have learning how to teach her. She got a real diploma and got to wear a real graduation cap.

On Tuesday we went to our science co-op group. We had missed everyone over spring break. The kids tested the viscosity of certain liquids and documented results on a lab sheet.

These last few weeks of My Father’s World we’ve spent talking about some exploration of the Americas and the Native Americans. The kids made arrows this week, and we experimented with number of “feathers” and arrow shapes to see what kinds of arrows went further and straighter,

Ashlyne and Rachel and I have enjoyed starting a new American history curriculum that I am reviewing. It ties in perfectly with what we are finishing up in My Father’s World. (I always think it’s amazing how God ties things in that I wouldn’t have even thought of.

We read about the Vikings one day this week and then made salt dough to make Viking ships from.

On Friday we went back to our Fun Friday co-op. We’ve missed two weeks of Fun Friday because of the State gymnastics meet and the homeschool convention. The kids in my class were working on a paper mache pinata because they’ve been talking about Mexico.

We also collected money for our group project which was donations to the Juvenile Diabetes Fund. We have a member of our group who was diagnosed with diabetes this year, so in honor of her, we bought balloon hats and had a balloon march.

Kathryne had a volleyball game Friday night. Although her team didn’t win, it has been cool to see Kathryne’s growth over the last three years that she’s played.

I’m looking forward to finishing up our regular curricula next week and taking a break.

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