Weekly Wrap Up: A Sort of Spring Break (My Father's World Week 32)

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All the local schools were out this week for spring break, so we took a “sort of spring break.” We continued on with Week 32 of My Father’s World. We only have two more weeks left now. But I didn’t have the kids do much independent work- except for some review things we have going on. This gave us the benefit of getting closer to a school break but still having some fun and flexibility this week.

In some exciting news this week: I won a Blogger to WordPress transfer from the Ultimate Blog Party from 5 Minutes for Mom! I am so very excited because this is something I’ve been wanting to do but was afraid to tackle on my own. So some big changes are coming and coming quickly. May 9 is the date set as the transfer. Hopefully everything will go very smoothly and there will be no problems. Then you’ll be looking at a brand new blog!

Ashlyne and Rachel are still working on Logic of English. I love it, and am looking forward to reviewing it. It’s one of those things I probably wouldn’t have picked up on my own, but I am finding that it really works well for us. One of the things the girls are enjoying is that there is some of sort of game each week.

We finished up a unit on bats in our Apologia Flying Creatures book. There was a great activity where we soaked cotton balls in different scents, and then the girls blindfolded had to pick out the one scent they chose. This was to show how the mama bats can come back to the nursery- a place where all the babies are staying- and pick their one pup out of thousands.

Because we didn’t have independent work this week, there was plenty of time for other things like organizing silly bands and nail polish.

Charles made some bracelets and necklaces to sell. Some he sold around the neighborhood and some we listed in an Etsy shop. We are intending to make and sell some other jewelry and craft items.

On Wednesday the big kids left after lunch to go spend the afternoon with friends, so the little girls and I went downtown to the library and the Children’s museum.

Yesterday all the girls and I had lots of fun volunteering at the animal shelter where we got Blondie. We worked with some new, shy puppies to help them learn to socialize so that they can be adopted more easily. We loved playing with all the dogs- the next best thing to bringing them all home. We definitely plan to go and volunteer again.

Today we didn’t really have any My Father’s World school, so all we did was devotions and then worked on our Poppins Book Nook book. This month I’m sharing a book and activities about transportation. So check the post Monday to see the book we read and some of the activities we did.

We read parts of Matthew this morning and talked about the crucifixion and the resurrection. One of the girls asked a question that really made me think. We said today is good Friday and Sunday is Easter. One of the girls asked, “What about tomorrow, Saturday?” We talked about how Jesus’ followers must have felt on Saturday. The One they thought was the hope of Israel had come and healed and multiplied food, and preached God’s Word. But now He was dead. And all of Saturday passed in mourning and confusion. As they mourned, we wait. And Sunday we will celebrate the fact that our Savior is alive. He is risen indeed!

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