Weekly Wrap Up: To Break or Not to Break

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Next week is spring break for most local schools. I think we are going to keep on, though, because we only have three weeks of school left! I’m sure we’ll have a lighter week, but I can’t believe that we are only three weeks away from finishing My Father’s World! We have truly loved this curriculum. And I can’t wait to see all we’ll learn next year.

This week we read about the Reformation. We used Trial and Triumph several times and read about the martyrs who dies in their efforts to bring the Bible to common people. It’s a sobering thought to think of what these faithful men accomplished in their struggles to translate the Bible.

We are continuing on with ARTistic pursuits which we are enjoying. This week we talked about texture. For one of the activities I brought out some things with textures and let them feel and then choose one of those things to draw trying to show the texture.

Ashlyne and Rachel are finishing up a science unit on bats. The Apologia notebook had them write a play with dialogue between a microbat and a megabat. I have to admit that I have a new fondness for bats after studying this unit with them.

Kathryne had a volleyball game on Tuesday during her usual practice time- to make up for missing this week for spring break. She is really improving this year!

On Thursday we went to an awards ceremony for Kathryne and Ashlyne. They entered pictures in our city’s spring celebration coloring contest- the Come See Me coloring contest. Kathryne won 2nd in her age group, and Ashlyne won 3rd in her age group.

After the Come See Me festivities we took advantage of the beautiful weather and sat outdoors to eat frozen yogurt. It’s finally spring to stay I think, and it was very nice.

I’m a little late writing the wrap up because Friday was a run around day. I played taxi to kids going here and there. Yesterday we all had lunch at the campground where my brother in law and his family are spending the week. It was a beautiful day again, and we were gone most of it. So I’m posting my wrap up a little late.

We’re looking forward to a slow week this week. We are doing less school, and all of our extracurricular activities are canceled. So I am hoping for a slow, easy week. Let’s see what really happens.

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