What Type of Kindle Is Right For You? (Along With Some Currently Free Ebooks!)

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There are quite a few Kindles in the Amazon family now. I’ve become an expert on the kinds of Kindles because I happen to own just about every make and model. This is because the Kindle represents the marriage of two of my favorite things- technology and books.

I know that when you’re shopping for a Kindle- because of course you want one- it can be confusing to see all the different kinds of Kindles. So this post is a guideline of sorts to help you choose which Kindle is right for you or your child. There is no “best Kindle.” Instead they each are better for certain things.

The orignal Kindle– This is where it all started. Although my much older model has a different look, this is the original Kindle.
     *Fast Facts: Less than 6 ounces – lighter than a paperback, fits in your pocket
                     Hand-tuned fonts for easier reading
                     Reads like paper with no glare, even in bright sunlight
                     Download books in 60 seconds with built-in Wi-Fi
                     Holds over 1,000 books – take your library wherever you go
                     Massive book selection. Lowest prices. Over a million titles less than $4.99
                     Hundreds of thousands of Kindle-exclusive titles that you won’t find anywhere else, including books by best-selling authors such as Kurt Vonnegut
                     Supports children’s books and includes parental controls
     *What it’s good for: Basic reading; If you are a heavy reader and want to be able to transport lots of books without breaking your back, this is for you. There isn’t much eye strain or glare factor because the ink is similar to that of a book. There also isn’t any fancy color. So if you’re buying picture books for your child or reading magazines, you might not be happy with this basic Kindle.
     *Cost: $69 with special offers or $89 without. (Special offers just means that ads about other books show. It really isn’t bothersome and is hardly noticeable.)

Kindle Paperwhite– I’d consider this the next step up. I got my paperwhite mainly because I wanted the backlight and the touch screen, but I still wanted the e-ink print of the original Kindle.
     *Fast Facts: No screen glare in bright sunlight
                       Read with one hand—over 30% lighter than iPad mini
                       Battery lasts weeks, not hours
                       Next-gen built-in light—read without eyestrain

                       Whiter Screen, Darker Text

     *What it’s good for: It’s still good for a reader who wants to have many books in one place. It’s easier to handle than the original because of the touch screen. And the backlight makes it really nice for night time reading. The backlight isn’t so bright that it causes eye strain. It’s also much easier to organize your books on the Paperwhite than on the original. So, if you are a tad OCD- like me- you will love the ease of organization.
     *Cost: $119 for the basic with special offers; There’s also a 3G version(constant internet like your phone) for $189

Kindle Fire HD – the Kindle tablet. I read conflicting things before I purchased mine, but it truly is a tablet. It can do anything any tablet can do (and sometimes more).
     *Fast Facts: Experience movies, TV, and games, and more on a stunning HD display (216 ppi / 1280×800)
                       Fast 1.5GHz dual-core processor—apps launch quickly, games and videos play smoothly
                       Create profiles and set time limits for children with Kindle FreeTime. Easy-to-use parental controls let everyone enjoy, worry-free
                       Ultra-fast web browsing over built-in Wi-Fi, plus updated e-mail and calendar support for Gmail, Outlook, and more
                       Instant access to over 100,000 apps and games in the Amazon Appstore, including a new paid app for free every day
                       In addition to Free Two-Day Shipping, Prime members can stream tens of thousands of Prime Instant Video titles at no additional cost, over half of which can be downloaded to the latest generation of Kindle Fire tablets.
     *What it’s good for: If you are looking for an inexpensive tablet to play games, use productivity apps, watch movies, play music, and read books, the Fire is for you. Now in HD, the Fire has amazing graphics. If you are an Amazon Prime member you can have access to free movies and t.v. shows. And whether or not you’re a member, renting and purchasing movies to watch on Amazon is cheaper than other services. There are various sizes. I love my 7 inch just fine. Charles- my 13 year old- wanted something bigger, so he went with an 8.9 inch. My one complaint is the processor speed. Sometimes it’s just slow. Once you are into an app, the speed is okay. But sometimes navigating is slow.
     *Cost: starts at $119 right now with a limited time offer. They are normally starting at $139. The price increases based on how much storage space you want and the size you pick out.

I did not include the DX and the HDX here because I do not personally own those. If you want to compare specs and price, you can find out more by clicking below. I think the main difference in the DX is size. And I think that the HDX is supposed to have better graphics and a faster processor speed.

Kindle DX, Free 3G, 9.7″ E Ink Display, 3G Works Globally 
Kindle Fire HDX 7″, HDX Display, Wi-Fi, 16 GB – Includes Special Offers

Now that you have the Kindle you need/want, you want to fill it with books. One of the greatest things about the Kindle is that there are so many free and cheap ebooks. I try to post some every once in a while. You always have to check your price before clicking because Amazon changes prices frequently. Below are some current freebies you might like. 

Journey of Hope: A Novel of Triumph and Heartbreak on the Oregon Trail in 1852

Born of Persuasion: 1 (Price of Privilege)

Container Gardening: Now You Can Garden Anywhere No Matter How Small the Space

40 Juicing Recipes For Weight Loss and Healthy Living (Juicer Recipes Book)

A Home in the West (The Amish of Apple Grove)

  The 7-Day Prayer Warrior Experience (Free One-Week Devotional)

  Gluten-Free: A Quickstart Guide To Living A Gluten-Free Diet

  Daughter’s Inheritance, A (The Broadmoor Legacy Book #1)

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