As We Walk Along the Road Take 2: To New Beginnings and Fresh Starts

I’ve been blogging for about 4 and 1/2 years now. I began blogging as a young, homeschool mom. I started because one of the main places that I looked for wisdom and support as a homeschooler was the internet. I found an amazing community in the world of blogging. Now, even though I had a hard a time leaving the house with four children under 6, I could visit anytime with older, experienced moms. I could swap stories with other moms of little ones. I could look up recipes, crafts, lesson plans. And I could share what we were doing in our day.

Fast forward a few years. As I grew and matured as a mom and homeschooler, I found that I could share with others also. I could post supporting and encouraging posts. I realized that by doing reviews I could get some great books and homeschool curricula. And I realized that by doing some sponsored reviews or by sharing some affiliate links, I could make a little extra money here and there. I also discovered that I loved blogging. I loved sharing my stories. I loved answering questions. I loved talking about what we were doing in our homeschool.

This past May, I won a transfer from Blogger to WordPress. I had debated moving, and this prize pushed me over the edge. I happily changed to a WordPress blog and began learning the ropes. Even though there was a learning curve, I read and asked questions and began navigating my way around a new platform. I loved the new freedom and flexibility that I found in WordPress. I had a few issues along the way, but I plugged along and was able to solve problems. But two weeks ago, I finally met my match in techy problems.

My blog went down. At first it was sporadic. Then it began to happen more often. But, eventually it was down. I’ve spent hours on the phone and on chats with my host. I’ve changed hosts. I’ve asked friends. I’ve poured over articles online. As of this moment, it’s still down.

It’s been a hard week and a half. If you’re a blogger, you understand. If you aren’t, just humor my craziness. Besides the stress of what I’ve lost and the work I’ve put in to try to fix it, I’ve been without a very important outlet these two weeks. Writing isn’t a job for me. It’s fun. It’s a release. It’s the place that I put down all of the great things I think about that I want to share. I’ve missed it terribly.

And so I’ve made the difficult decision to begin again. There are still some efforts to recover the old blog going on, but I don’t want to lose the time I could be spending building a new place. For now, I’ll definitely be sticking with Blogger because there isn’t as much chance of something going wrong technically. I hope to recover some old posts and make them new again. I’ll be sharing the new URL, and I hope you’ll pass it on. I may, soon, transfer it to my custom URL, but for now aswewalkalongtheroad.blogspot is where we’ll be.

If you are a new reader, welcome! If you are a former reader, thank you for being patient. All of the same great things are to come- reviews; lesson plans; parenting, and homeschooling wisdom from a veteran. I’m excited about the coming year and some of the plans I have!

Coincidentally, it’s my birthday today. I’m 41. I truly haven’t thought much about it in the midst of the blogging issues going on. But, tonight I’m celebrating. It’s a new year of life for me and a new face for my blog. Come and join me.

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