Best of 2014 Blogging and a Look At What's To Come (With a Chance to Win a $15 Amazon Gift Card!)

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2014 was a fun year of blogging for me. I’m finally beginning to learn a little of the technical side of things which allows me to do new and different things with my blog. Throughout this year, I’ve really worked to make As We Walk Along the Road a community, a place where readers can find encouragement as well as information and resources for homeschooling and parenting.

This was also a difficult year in blogging for me. In May I won a Blogger to WordPress transfer, and, although I knew very little about WordPress, I knew many professional bloggers used it; so I took the plunge and moved. There was a steep learning curve, but I loved all the great things I could do in WordPress. In November, however, I began to have difficulty accessing my blog. After much chatting and emailing and calling my host, changing blog hosts, and weeping and wailing on my part (not much of an exaggeration!), I finally moved what was left of my blog back to Blogger. I lost all posts between May and November.

To a blogger, this is a pretty big deal. Those lost posts represent hours, days, and weeks of work. And, they are now information that I had hoped to be encouraging and informative, lost. I’m thankful that I was able to restore everything from the original blog. So I’m back with Blogger as a host, and I’ll stay here- at least until I know much more about the technical side of things!

So, in this post, I’m taking a look back at some of the best posts from the last year and some of my favorite reviews from the past year. Read along to the bottom because I have an opportunity for you to complete a survey to help me with planning for the new year and be entered to win a gift card!

Best of… Posts

In January the Review Crew started off the year with a 5 Days of… series. I enjoyed these posts about 5 Days of Homeschool Essentials. This post- The Essential Mindset- was the 5th day and has links to the other four days.

I love thinking up alphabet themed posts for Blogging Through the Alphabet. I used an unfamiliar “r” word- “rejoinder”- to blog about teaching our kids to give an account of their faith.

This post is one of my favorites because it addresses a myth that I often hear from parents- Why I Can’t Homeschool Myth: I Could Never Teach My Child Anything.

As I headed into 2014 gluten free, I learned quite a bit about gluten free cooking. In this post (another Blogging Through the Alphabet favorite) I posted about things I had learned about gluten free cooking.

In another 5 days series with the Review Crew, I posted about 5 Days of Favorite Kids’ Reads. This is the landing post for that series, one of my favorites because I love books.

This post was my “Take Two” post when I restarted the blog back at Blogger.

This was a popular post and a fun link up- Learning Through the 50 States: South Carolina. From my post, you can follow the link to find fun and learning for the other states.

Another popular, fun post is this one, filled with resources for Christmas Around the World studies.

In this post, I share some of our favorite family board games- lots of fun!

Best of… Reviews

I love to review products, books, and curricula because I love to read reviews. When I shop online I always check out positive and negative reviews to help me decide on what I’m buying. So I love to help others find what they need by sharing my experience. I review homeschool curricula with the Schoolhouse Review Crew from The Old Schoolhouse. This will be my third year on the Crew, and it’s something I truly love. I also review a few other products independently. And I review books on my book blog- Leah’s Good Reads. You can find all of my product reviews for the year here. And you can find my reading list with review links here.  Here are a few reviews I really enjoyed over the past year.

Spelling You See– This is a fairly new spelling program from the creators of Math U See. It was a great fit for us, and I loved having my younger girls work on it.

Curiosity Quest DVDs- These “behind the scenes” DVDs are filmed on location and answer common questions that kids have about everyday things. One of my favorites was the one about how mushrooms are grown, harvested, and sold at stores.

Mere Christianity Journal from Home School Adventure Co.– I love all books from C.S. Lewis, and I particularly enjoyed this study guide/discussion guide for the book Mere Christianity.

The Brinkman Adventures- These were audio adventures- think a radio drama- that we listened to at lunch time. There was a particular favorite – How Big Is Your God?- that still comes up in the Courtney household on a regular basis.

So, these are some of my favorite posts over the past year. As I look forward to 2015, I’m making plans for what I’d like the As We Walk Along the Road community to be. I’m looking for ways that I can best be an encourager and a teacher and a supporter of fellow homeschoolers. So that I can do this in the best way, I’d love to have your input. I would appreciate it if you would take time to fill out the survey that is linked below. As a thank you, every reader who fills out the form by Friday, January 9 will be entered to win a $15 Amazon gift card. I look forward to reading these surveys and growing this community to be a great place for homeschoolers.- As We Walk Along the Road Interest Survey

Do you have a favorite post that you’ve read here over the last year? Let me know in the comments.

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