Review of Wisdomantics: An Interactive Board Game Based on the Book of Proverbs *** And a Giveaway***

Our family loves board games. We jump at the chance to try a new board game. So I was very interested in trying the new Wisdomantics game- an interactive board game based on the book of Proverbs. Keep reading to see what we thought, and then you can enter to win your own game.

About the new Wisdomantics game:
Wisdomantics–New King
James Version (NKJV) is an interactive DVD board game for players of
various faiths who desire to gain the vast wisdom of King Solomon.
Wisdomantics-NKJV utilizes
the proverbs of Solomon and blends chance, knowledge and strategy to
create a fun experience while you learn! The game’s intent is to bring
individuals together to learn how to cope with numerous situations in a
fun and relaxed environment. Inside the box
you’ll find 2 interactive DVDs with 400 questions, score cards,
blessing cards, and more!

Who is it for?
The game is intended for ages 12+. I am assuming that it’s because the questions might be too difficult for younger kids. We played with the younger set as “helpers.” I found that Rachel, age 9, on my team was able to come up with some of the answers. (I’ll tell why we thought that was later on.)

What is it like?
Think of Monopoly, Trivia Pursuit, and Scene It all rolled into one. The game involves answering questions which are presented on a DVD and moving around a board that is set up just like Monopoly. There are cards that are drawn when questions are answered correctly, and players collect pieces to build a “temple” on their scorecards as they move around the board. 

Where can you learn more?
You can visit the Wisdomantics website for more information or to purchase the game for $29.95. You can also watch the video below to see the game in play.

What did we like?

  • It is great to get to read the actual verses from the book of Proverbs in the game.
  • There are plenty of questions so that you aren’t going to get repeats very often. There is a link for a downloadable question tracker so you can keep up with the questions you’ve covered.
  • I like a game that is based on Bible knowledge and that includes elements of spiritual growth such as sharing prayer and praise requests. 
  • The complete references are given after the questions are answered so that you can look up the verses if you want to.This can help with Bible memorization if you’re working on the book of Proverbs.

    What wasn’t so great?

    • We had a difficult time getting started as I found the instructions a little confusing. Even after we jumped in- after seeing a very abbreviated form of directions on the DVD- we learned later that there were some things we were doing wrong. I did receive a new version of the instructions that is more succinct and easier to understand, so I hope this will be easier for new players.
    • Although it’s cool that the questions are about the book of Proverbs, the style is exactly the same with each of the 200+ questions. A verse of Proverbs is given with two blanks. There are four choices, with two words in each choice. To answer, you use the remote to choose the combination of words you think goes in the blank. So, if you are a good reader, it really doesn’t matter if you know Proverbs. That’s why Rachel- who hasn’t really memorized Proverbs at all- was able to figure out the answers. She just picked what made sense.

      All in all, it’s a fun trivia game. I think the best use of the game for us will be to use the Proverbs verses for discussion. We love to discuss. And (here’s a secret parenting strategy) if everyone can be involved in something fun where they’re having a good time and even being silly, it opens the door for great discussions. So we can talk about the verses as we read the questions and answers. I think it will provide some great discussion points! Keep reading to win your own copy of Wisdomantics.

      Disclosure: I received a free copy of this game from the producer in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed are entirely my own, and I was not compensated in any other way.


      So, are you ready to win your own copy of the Wisdomantics game? Read the disclosure and enter using the Giveaway Tools below.

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