Week In Review: Christmas Lapbooks, Baking, and Presents, Oh My

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We are all pretty ready for a Christmas break around here. Ashlyne, Rachel, Charles, and I finished up a Christmas Around the World lapbook this week, and Kathryne finished up her school work. So we are all ready for a two week break.

We had an easier school week, so there was more time for playing. The girls both got the Life game app for their devices, but then they remembered that we had the actual board game. And, wouldn’t you know it, the physical game is even more fun than the digital version.

 I have to say that I loved having Charles work with us on the lapbook this week. I have really missed all four kids doing unit studies together. Kathryne couldn’t join us because she had too much to finish before break, but I was glad to have Charles back in the mix.

 The lapbook we used was Christmas Around the World from Hands of a Child. We’ve used the free Christmas Around the World lapbook from Homeschool Share. But this one was a little different, and with Hands of a Child, all of the information is contained right there in the planning pack.

We covered the entire book in one week, although it’s written to cover nine days. Because we weren’t doing other school work, we doubled up some days, and we didn’t do the vocabulary words or the baking from the included recipes. If you used some additional reading and chose to do some baking, this could easily take two weeks.

We also did some holiday baking and candy making this week. The kids made cut out cookies to decorate. This has been a tradition since before I had kids. My kids are the last of the cousins who still make cookies each year. We occasionally have friends over to join us, but this year it was just us. The kids weren’t into it as much either, and we had some very interesting Christmas cookies.

Kathryne’s masterpiece was this McDonalds set with fries and a soft drink.

This is the cute puppy picture of the week. It’s hard to believe we’ve had Blondie almost a year now. We love this puppy!

Tonight was the first of several “Christmases.” My family came over for dinner and presents. The holiday has officially started.

I’m looking forward to some school break and family time this week.

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