34 Weeks of Clean: I'm Up To the Challenge

So, I read a couple of weeks ago about a 34 weeks cleaning challenge from my friend Michele at Family, Faith and Fridays. I thought it was a great idea, and I was determined to join in. However, the first two weeks have passed, and I haven’t had time to jump in. So, I was about to let it go. But I keep coming back to it, as if I’m supposed to join in. So here goes.

Each week Michele is giving readers a new cleaning/organizing task. I like cleaning and organizing little by little. It’s the way I manage to keep six people living in a rather small house. So I love being “assigned” a task each week. Each week, participants can link up with Michele to demonstrate progress.

This past week’s assignment was to clean and organize the pantry. Now, I have to admit that I did that over Christmas break. So- although I took the time to straighten for this challenge- I didn’t have much to clean out. Also, my “pantry” is shelves in the middle of my dining room/school room. So I have to keep it somewhat cleaned off all the time to contain the mess in one of the areas where we spend most of our days.

So, here are “before” pictures (on the left) and “after” pictures (on the right).

This is a little baker’s rack that we inherited when someone was getting rid of it. It holds our breakfast stuff and snack stuff.

This small rack holds pet food and some other items. I also let the kids keep a small candy box with any candy they’ve gotten for holidays and such. We don’t just buy candy, so they like to save it up sometimes.

This is the main “pantry” area, metal shelves with the main part of our food and some appliances stored. I really straightened these, and I was able to clean up some of the clutter at the bottom.

And this is a look at the whole set up from standing back. It’s a cluttered little area, but it does help when I keep it as clean as I can.

I’m so looking forward to joining in these weekly challenges. If you need a little motivation to get cleaned and organized at the beginning of this year, this is a great way to have a little accountability and make it fun. Stop by at Family, Faith, and Fridays and join us!

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