Books and Experiments For the Water Cycle With This Month's Poppins Book Nook

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This month's Poppins Book Nook is themed In the Laboratory. We were excited to have some science experiments to do. I'll confess that I am not the mom who is constantly cooking up great experiments. But, with a little guidance, I can come up with some fun science projects. Keep reading to the end of the post to enter a great giveaway and pick up this month's lapbook and bookmarks from our host at Enchanted Homeschooling Mom.

769955As I was pondering what book to choose for this month's topic, I looked back through some of our Magic School Bus books. Even as the kids have gotten older, they like to read these. We read The Magic School Bus At The Waterworks as our jumping off point, and then we had fun with some water cycle activities.

The two books I used for experiments to go along with our water cycle read were Making Things Change (Science for Fun) and Janice VanCleave's Physics for Every Kid.

After we read about the water cycle, I played the girls a water cycle rap I found on YouTube. They were less than thrilled, but it did sum up the water cycle pretty well.

As a visual reminder, I found this water cycle wheel for the kids to color and construct. It turns and shows the name of each stage of the water cycle as well as what happens during that stage.

The first experiment we did came from the Janice VanCleave book. It involved seeing how water collects in clouds until the cloud is saturated, and it rains. We used a folded paper towel and a water dropper as well as one measuring cup with water and an empty measuring cup to do our experiment over.

The girls took turns dropping water on the paper towel which we held over the empty cup.

We noticed that as we squirted water on the paper towel, it absorbed the water and none came out into the empty dish.

Eventually, with enough water, the paper towel was saturated and the water began to come out- just like rain!

The second experiment we did came from the How Things Change book. This experiment showed how water expanded as it froze. (Yes, it's not really a water cycle experiment, but it did have to do with water and it was fun.)

In this experiment, we put equal amounts of water into two plastic cups. We drew a line with marker so that we knew where the water came to. Then we put one cup into the freezer and left one out at room temperature.

We were surprised to see that this experiment didn't work. In fact, the freezer cup was actually below the mark once ice had frozen. I dumped the ice and didn't take pictures because we had a failed experiment. But, a little later, one daughter gave a confession- "I actually spilled some of the water when I put the cup in the freezer." Aha! It's the lesson of the experimental variable. And, it is important to point that out when an experiment goes wrong.

Besides the resources I used here, there are some great websites that have ideas and instructions for all kinds of science experiments. So, it you aren't good at thinking of those- like me!- you have a little help. Here are some I've used: has science fair ideas.
Science Buddies is one of my favorites. It has experiments you can use for a one time demonstration or some that you can turn into a whole science fair project.
Science Bob has some great experiments with good, detailed instructions.
Weird Science Kids has experiments and some demonstration videos to watch.
Science Kids has a wide range of projects that can be used for short demonstration or a longer project.

Each month, our host at Enchanted Homeschooling Mom graciously shares a lapbook and bookmarks that go along with the theme. You can find this month's lapbook and bookmarks at her site here.

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