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Welcome to Week 2 of the Virtual Curriculum Fair. Throughout this month, I’m sharing some of the homeschool resources we use and linking up with my fellow bloggers. You can link up too each week and share some of your favorite resources. In this post I shared a little bit about the Virtual Curriculum Fair, and it has links to the previous weeks’ posts. This week’s Virtual Curriculum hosts are Susan @ Homeschooling Hearts and Minds and Laura @ Day By Day in Our World.

Last week, when I posted about literature and language arts, it was really easy. I love those subjects, and we’ve loved many resources that we used to study those. This week… not so much. Math has been a very hard subject for me to teach. It was a difficult subject for me in school, and I’ve had a hard time finding a curriculum that I thought was complete enough and that I understood well enough to help them understand. Science is a little easier. We have a few science resources we’ve really liked, and I’ve learned in homeschooling that I really like science- even though I didn’t like it when I was in school.

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This week, instead of telling you every thing we are using this year, listed by child, I’m going to share what we’ve liked and what has worked for us over the years, including what we’re doing now.

Saxon Math HomeschoolFor math, we are primarily using Saxon this year. Saxon is a traditional, cyclical math program, meaning that it touches some of the same concepts year after year, getting deeper each time. I like the traditional style. I like the way that Saxon structures review into every lesson. For my younger girls, I can manage Saxon well because I understand it. They don’t particularly like it because, to be honest, it really is boring and rather repetitive. I agree with them. I have a difficult time with Saxon for the older kids because as we start to get into the higher algebra lessons, I struggle with understanding. This year we purchased the CD ROM set for Algebra 1, and it has helped all of us.

For my high school kids, Kahn has been a great math resource. Kahn is a site that offers free video content for instruction in math, science, art, computer science, test prep, economics, and more. It can be used as a supplemental resource or as a complete course. Kathryne is using the Algebra 2 program from Kahn as a complete course.

My younger girls really liked CTC math, which we reviewed last year. I opted not to use CTC as our total math program after the review because my one complaint is the lack of review it has. It tends to focus on one subject at a time. It’s a computer based program, but it doesn’t have lots of bells and whistles which tend to distract the kids. The younger girls keep asking me to go back to CTC as their regular math, so that may happen one day.

I went through school thinking that science was the bane of my existence. It was extremely boring, and, although I had good comprehension and could read and ace the tests, I really didn’t retain anything. When I began homeschooling, I searched for science resources that weren’t dry and boring. I also wanted resources that were Creation based. As I began to find good resources, I realized that I really did like science!

Apologia has been our favorite science curriculum by far, although no one is currently using an Apologia book. My younger girls have been working on two books alternating- Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day and Exploring Creation With Chemistry and Physics. I reviewed both of these, and we loved them both and didn’t want to pick just one, so we’ve been alternating units. We’re taking a break to read some great science that’s included with our My Father’s World course this semester, but I intend to go back to these because we love them. Apologia makes science come alive, and it teaches from a strong Christian worldview and a Creationist perspective.

 We enjoy the notebooking journals that Apologia has available for all of its elementary science courses and some of the middle school and high school courses. But another great supplement is offered by A Journey Through Learning. In their store, you can purchase lapbooks that go along with most of the elementary science books from Apologia. This is a great way to have some hands projects that reinforce learning.

My oldest- 15- used Apologia’s biology for high school last year and thoroughly loved it. She decided that biology was so interesting, she wants to go into a research branch of science as a career. She’s going to go back to Apologia next year, but to go along with her huge interest in biology and medicine, we found a great science course from New Leaf Press. New Leaf also has great curricula with a Christian worldview, so I was excited to find an Advanced PreMed Studies curriculum at the homeschool convention. She’s been using that this year. Although she likes it, she says it isn’t as in depth as Apologia, and she wants to go back to that next year.

My 9th grader, on the other hand, has struggled with Apologia because of the in depth, difficult reading, and he likes a course we found for him from New Leaf- He’s using the Life Science: Origins and Scientific Theory curriculum which uses a DVD as well as reading. He loves that it is Creation based and that it has that strong Christian worldview that prepares kids to be able to defend what they believe.

The younger girls and I are reading through two books included with their My Father’s World set to study ecology which goes along with our geography study. My favorite is Properties of Ecosystems. It’s part of the God’s Design for Science curriculum set from Answers in Genesis.

Answers in Genesis has always been a wealth of science curricula for us. We’ve used other God’s Design for Science books, The Big Book of Earth and Sky, Awesome Science videos and more. We also subscribe to Answers magazine which includes a kids section in each issue. I enjoy reading the magazine and the science topics that are covered, as I actually learn science that I can remember and relate now!

Another science resource that I have to mention is Science Buddies. In the past we’ve had a small science fair with some homeschool friends each year. Science Buddies is an awesome site that has science fair project suggestions complete with information about all of the resources that you’ll need to carry them out. It’s a free site, and it is very simple to use.

Those are some of the math and science resources that have worked or are working for us. Below are the other bloggers participating in the Virtual Curriculum Fair. Make sure to visit them to find more great resources. And then link up below to share your math and science resource posts.

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