Praying Through the Scripture in 100 Days Check In- Day 17

I’ve been participating in Praying Through the Scriptures in 100 Days with a group of fellow bloggers, hosted by Candace at His Mercy Is New. We are now 17 days into the adventure which began January 1st. Although I’ve been plugging away, it’s been a while since I read through the Bible in a condensed way, and I admit that I’m a few days behind. I read Day 14 today.

I’m reading through Numbers, and it is so hard for me to read through those first five books of the Bible. They are difficult and rather confusing, and it’s easy for me to get bogged down and get behind throughout those books. Although I know that God has a reason for all of the writings in the Bible, it’s not easy to find inspiration and encouragement in these books.

As I’ve read through the Bible so far, I’ve tried to do what was suggested in the intro. post- linked up. I’ve tried to truly pray through the Scripture. When something touches me, I write it down in my journal, along with the reference, as a prayer. Here are some of the passages I’ve written down so far.

Gen. 19:26- Lord, help me not to look back at sin, but to look forward to Your grace.

Gen. 39:3- Lord, help to live so that other people can’t help but notice You.

Ex. 1:17 Sometimes it’s hard, Lord, to respect You can not men. It’s easy to get caught up in what other people think. Help me to focus on You, not on men.

Ex. 5:21 Lord, sometimes it’s hard to do what You call me to do. It creates change that is uncomfortable.

Ex.33:15-16 Lord, I want to be known as one of Your people. I want to be known as someone who follows You.

Lev. 11:35 Lord, help me remember that I am to be holy, set apart as Your child.

Num.11:1 Lord, help me to be grateful, not griping.

I have a disclaimer as you read through passages that have spoken to me. I think that we need to be very careful to read the Bible in context. Too often we want to pick a verse here and there, as if the Bible were a buffet table and we could choose what we want and leave the rest. We then take that verse and make it fit our lives and situations and come up with something that is totally unbiblical. I do think, however, that God can speak to us through His principles that are true through all time, across all situations. So, although these verses in context came from the people of Israel and what God was doing in their lives, I’ve tried to prayerfully search out the principles when it came to praying and applying the Scripture.

Have you been reading through the Bible in 100 days or have you ever done it before? I’d appreciate any comments you’d like to share about things that have touched you in your reading.

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