Presidents' Day Unit Study Resources and Free Printable Presidential Quotes Copywork

I’ve always liked to teach American history by focusing on patriotic holidays throughout the year. As Presidents’ Day is soon approaching, here are some great resources that you can use to build a unit study. Make sure you read to the bottom because I’m linking up with other TOS Review Crew members who are sharing some great resources also. And, I’m sharing some free presidential quotes copywork pages.

Just a note: I’ve put grade levels by most of the resources. Those are just approximate. I almost always use resources for the whole family because we like to do unit studies together. So mot things can be adapted if you have kids within the age range and without.

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This page from The History Channel has some good information about the history of the holiday and a couple of videos. (upper elementary and up)
Here is a fun, printable model of the White House. Print it on card stock and let the older kids construct a model. (middle school and up)
The Center for Civic Education has a series of lesson plans about presidents and government topics. (middle school and high school)
This is a fun page with nicknames for many of the US presidents. It would be a fun reference if you were doing mini books or listing presidential facts. (elementary)
This is another fun page with interesting facts about many of the US presidents. (elementary)
To add an art component to your study, look up this page. It has links to portraits of the US presidents painted by a variety of artists. (upper elementary and up) has a slide show of the US presidents accompanied by links to a full biography of each. This would be a great resource if you wanted kids to pick a president to research more closely. (elementary and up)
Even the little ones can get in on Presidents’ Day fun with the resources here. There are book suggestions, finger plays, crafts and more for preschoolers. (preschool and kindergarten)
Fun Brain has a game that lets kids identify the president from a picture and clues. There are several levels of play so they can start out easier and work their way up. (elementary)
Sheppard Software (a site that has some great free learning games) has a 20th century president’s game that gives kids trivia questions about recent presidents. (upper elementary)
This page on the US Citizen and Immigration Services site has beginner and intermediate lesson plans for a variety of American history topics, including many related to US presidents. (elementary and middle school)
Hands of a Child has three different Presidents’ Day lapbooks for a Presidents’ Day unit, a fun study or a study the president pack. (elementary and middle school)
A Journey Through Learning has a fun lapbook about all of the US presidents. (elementary and middle school)
Learning Games for Kids has a great set of games to help kids get to know more about the presidents. (elementary)

The Presidential Game is a board game that I reviewed last year. It teaches kids about the electoral college and how elections work by letting them run for president. (middle school and up)
Preschool Plan It has a whole page of Presidents’ Day themed activities and crafts for little ones. (preschool)
DLTK (one of my favorite kids’ crafts sites) has Presidents’ Day coloring sheets for kids. (preschool and elementary)
Apples 4 the Teacher has an extremely useful site with all of the presidents listed in order. You can click on a timeline for each president or a unit study for each president. (elementary)
Living Montessori Now has free printables and activities for a Montessori inspired Presidents’ Day. (preschool and early elementary)
And now, to go along with your Presidents’ Day studies, I’ve made some Presidential Quotes copywork pages that you can print.
You can get your free copy of the Presidential Quotes copywork by clicking here. Widgets

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Presidents Day Resources

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