The Blessings of a Condensed Bible Reading Plan (And Praying Through Scripture)

If you’ve been around As We Walk Along the Road for a while, you may know that I have participated in reading the Bible in 90 Days quite a few times. It’s a reading program that was quite popular, and for several sessions, bloggers linked up to share their experiences and have accountability in their reading. The buzz over this reading style has diminished, and, although I did it another time or so, it just wasn’t the same as doing it with a group. So I was very excited to be able to join up with other bloggers who are going to pray and read through the Bible in 100 days.

Why read through the Bible at all?

There are many, many places in Scripture where we see the importance of knowing Scripture. New Testament preachers quoted Old Testament prophets. Jesus quoted the Old Testament. Old Testament prophets referred to words in the Pentateuch- the first five books of the Bible. We are instructed to know God’s Word. We are reminded that His Word is powerful.

Although it’s easy to rely on pastors to teach the Bible or on books we read from Christian authors who talk about the Bible, I don’t think it’s the same as knowing the Bible for ourselves. When we actually read and study God’s Word, word for word, in context, we have an awareness of what it means, of what God intended.

I was blessed to grow up in a Christian home, a Bible teaching church, and a Christian school where we were expected to read and memorize Scripture. By the time I was in high school, I was routinely reading through the Bible in a year, following one of many of those yearly reading plans. During my years as a new mom, I missed a few years of completing the Bible, but I still plugged away, reading a little every day and eventually finishing.

So why read through the Bible in such a condensed reading?

When I first heard of Bible in 90 Days, I was intrigued. I’m a very avid reader. I read quickly, and I enjoy reading. So the amount of reading required in the program didn’t really seem daunting to me, but it was a lot of reading. So I wondered what really made it worth while to read so quickly. It seemed that the meanings might get lost in the sheer volume read every day. And if you ever missed a day, how could you get back on track?! But I joined a blogging group who were reading through, and I followed the program for the first time.

And I was really pretty blown away. As someone who has grown up reading through the Bible many, many times, I didn’t really expect that. I’m always blessed by what I read, even though I already know the passages. Different things jump out in different readings, and God truly speaks to me every single time I read. But there was something different about this style of reading. When I was reading through so quickly, the different time periods in the Bible followed each other quickly, and I was able to see the big picture so much better!

The Bible is truly a history book. It’s the history of God’s people, the Israelites, and how God brought redemption to the world through them. So when you read it all spread out over a large amount of time, some of that flow gets lost. You read through Leviticus and get mired down in the laws, until it just doesn’t make sense. Or you get stuck in the prophets for months and are so confused that you just can’t understand. (Or maybe that’s just me!) But when you read through in a very condensed period, it is like reading a long novel. The events flow more freely, and things just make more sense.

 Is it Bible study?

No. Reading through the Bible in a condensed way does not give you much time for extended study. You can stop and look up some things using a resource like BibleGateway or Blue Letter Bible, but for the most part, you have to keep reading. I like to keep a notepad, so if anything strikes me that I can’t look up quickly, I can go back and look it up after that reading cycle.

The Praying Through the Bible series I introduced with is over now. But you can find out more about praying through the Scriptures from blogger Candace Crabtree at His Mercy is New. You can also find a 90 day reading plan here.

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