This Week @ As We Walk Along the Road: January 24, 2015

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This week was one of those typical Southern winter weeks. We’ve had rain, rain, rain and cold and then a few days of beautiful sunshine and warm weather. It was a pretty routine week- which for us is pretty busy.

All of the kids took advantage of the warm days we had, and it was nice that they could get outside for a while. Sometimes I feel as if being stuck in the house leads to kids wanting to be on an electronic device at all times!

Kathryne and Charles and I are watching an online government class. It’s part of a review that I’m doing called Mother Can I Trust the Government. We’ve been watching on Monday nights, and the review will be coming in March. I’m learning lots as I watch also.

Of course, little sisters like to come in sometimes and try to disrupt our watching and listening.

Ashlyne and Rachel and I moved into Africa this week. They played the Geography game with North America, South America, and Europe maps. It’s pretty amazing how many countries they can identify now. And I realize that I never really learned much geography in school, and I’m learning so much as they learn it.

We read about Kenya this week as we moved into Africa. I think we are only in Africa for a couple of weeks in our curriculum.

Another thing Ashlyne, Rachel, and I have been enjoying is the Word Up vocabulary lessons from Compass Classroom. I reviewed Word Up a while back, but I didn’t start it regularly with the girls until recently. They learn Latin and Greek roots and then English derivatives. Studying Latin and Greek is an excellent way to increase vocabulary!

 This Friday was co-op for us. I’m teaching board games in one block, and Charles is in my class. This week I brought in two favorites-Ticket To Ride
for some strategy and Apples to Apples Junior
for some fun and laughs. Obviously Charles chose Apples to Apples.

A treat for me this week: Jason had a friend who was getting rid of a king sized mattress in really good shape. I’ve wanted a king size bed for a while now, and our bed frame was really old and coming apart. So, we were able to get the king bed! It takes up a huge amount of space in our room, but I love it. Notice the blanket at the foot? There is more room for the dog now also.

Today- Saturday- we headed to Asheville,NC for a gymnastics meet. We don’t always take the whole family, but it wasn’t a long drive for us, and it was a pretty drive. We had a good time, and Ashlyne placed first in vault!

I’m hoping the week coming up has a little more of that beautiful weather we’ve enjoyed. And, I’m thinking it will be a pretty routine week for us.

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