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It’s been a fun but busy week back to school for us. We can pretend I’m not writing our weekly wrap up on Sunday night! I’m always ready to get back into the routine after a break. I think maybe the kids were ready for some routine also.

 On Monday, Rachel and Ashlyne did a little science experiment freezing salt water and fresh water. We had been reading about lakes and ponds in our ecosystems study and were talking about why the ocean doesn’t freeze over like a pond. One reason is that salt water has a lower freezing point than fresh.

We set both glasses of water in the freezer, and measured the temperature of each glass of water every ten minutes. The experiment wasn’t a success during the hour that we measured. Both glasses seemed to drop at the same rate. What we really learned came the next day after leaving the glasses in over night. The fresh water was frozen solid and had, in fact, cracked the glass! The salt water was frozen but was slushy on top. Just goes to show that we can learn even when experiments don’t work.

We had another science demonstration on Tuesday. Newts and salamanders- who live in lakes and ponds- don’t have external ears but “hear” through vibrations. We sprinkled salt on a pie plate and tapped the plate. The salt moved from the vibration of the plate. Even when we moved out and tapped on the table, the salt would vibrate from the sound waves.

Charles has been taking a computer science class that he really enjoys from Kahn Academy. We’ve loved using them as a resource this year. Charles loves being able to write his own programs.

Ah, a picture of Kathryne. I told her I had to get a picture because readers probably think she doesn’t really exist. She does! But, she spends most of her school day in her room where she can think without interruption.

On Friday we were back to co-op after Christmas break. Kathryne is taking Life Hacks (sort of a home ec), Team Building, and Drama. Charles is taking Lego, Board Games (which I’m teaching), and Drama. Ashlyne and Rachel are taking Biographies, State Study, and Food Art.

Ticket To RideI’m teaching board games, and I took one of my very favorites this first week- Ticket To Ride
. If you’ve never played it, you must look it up. It’s a strategy game, and the kids really “got” it and liked it. Because there is so much explaining of strategy, we didn’t have tons of time to play. I think I’ll take it back next week.

I helped with Ashlyne and Rachel’s food art this week also. It’s going to be lots of fun. This week they made tortilla snowflakes after they learned about “Snowflake” Bentley who was the first person to begin to photograph snow crystals and discover that no two snowflakes were alike.

The snowflakes the girls made were all different also, and they were topped with cinnamon and sugar, so they made a lovely snack.

Charles will be officially 14 tomorrow. We celebrated his birthday twice this weekend- once with his friends and then with our family gathered. It’s very hard to believe that this is the same kid as the little baby I once carried around in a sling. I love having teenagers, and I’m loving watching him grow.

Next week is looking like a yucky, cold, cloudy one here. I don’t like those days because cold and wet makes fibromyalgia worse. We’ll have to stay in and stay warm as much as possible.

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