This Week @ As We Walk Along the Road: January 16, 2015

We’re back into the swing of things this week, with all of our extracurricular things now started back from Christmas break. We’ve had really cold temperatures this week and some nasty, rainy weather. All of that means that driving out and about to start back with everything has been pretty yucky. I’m really ready for sunshine!

I was shocked to realize just how few pictures I’d taken this week when I looked through my camera. We really did accomplish some things, although I guess it wasn’t picture worthy.

I started back helping in our church ladies Bible study nursery on Tuesday and Thursday of this week. We only had one child on Tuesday and none on Thursday, so I’m not sure if we’ll actually need nursery both days. Doing nursery on those mornings makes those days a little busier. We flip flop our school so that the younger girls do their independent work while I’m gone, and we do our together work when I get home.

Dance also resumed for Kathryne and Rachel on Thursdays this week. They do praise and worship dance at our church. They were thrilled to get back to it with their teacher and some homeschooling friends.

Ashlyne and Rachel and I were finishing up our studies in the continent of Europe this week. Next week we’ll head to Africa. It’s really fun playing the geography game as we go along and seeing how many countries they can label now.

My Motivate Your Child book arrived in the mail this week. I’ve had the digital copy to begin reading, and I’m very excited about the review coming up. I’m really liking what I’ve read so far. In celebration of the imminent launch of the book, you can enter a great giveaway with lots of prizes. You can find out more and enter here.

Today wasn’t a co-op day, so Ashlyne and Rachel and I used the extra time we had to do our Poppins Book Nook activities. This month’s theme is In the Laboratory. We’ll be sharing a water cycle book and some experiments as well as some books about science experiments.

This weekend, I’m going to take Charles out for lunch for his birthday (which was Monday), and it isn’t a gymnastic meet weekend, so I’m hoping for a slow one.

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