Who Has the Power? (Hearts at Home Blog Hop)

I’m excited to be participating in the Hearts at Home third Thursday blog hops again this year. If you’ve never read visited Hearts at Home, make sure you check it out. It’s an excellent ministry with resources for wives and moms. This year in the blog hops, we’ll be looking at the theme: “Unleash your power to…” We begin this month with Unleash your power to start fresh.

As I was thinking of January and new beginnings and fresh starts, I was thinking of setting goals. That’s usually how I begin the new year. I have personal goals- to exercise more, to eat more healthy foods. I have spiritual goals- to pray through Scripture in 100 days, to be more faithful in prayer in general. I have goals for homeschooling- to be deliberate about my planning for the high schoolers, to simplify and not try to do everything that comes along. I have goals for my blogging- to develop a community of readers, to expand the reach of my blog. I have some pretty good goals. In fact, I’m really good at setting goals every year.

The problem I see in most year, however,  is that as January passes, and we roll into the new year, my focus in achieving those goals seems to wander. Other things get in the way. Distractions in the form of every day life come. And then I find myself in November and December wondering just how I got so far off course and why I wasn’t able to stick to some of those goals, resolutions, plans. What’s wrong with me? Why can’t I accomplish all I have planned?

And then it hit me. There’s a little word in that question above that sheds light on the problem. “Why can’t I accomplish all I have planned?” Did you see it? The truth is I don’t have any power to meet my goals, to start fresh. I can’t do it.

So where should I look for the power to succeed? I should look to Jesus Christ. That’s the Sunday School answer, right? Trust in Jesus and all my plans will succeed? I can find some verses to back that up, I’m sure.

In reality, the Bible never promises that all of my plans will succeed if I just trust in Jesus. When I sit down at the beginning of the year and write out my lovely plan and my lofty goals and my determined resolutions and then hand it all to God and say, “Okay, Lord, here’s the plan, bless it.”, I have the wrong idea. God never promises to be a magic genie that makes all of my plans work out. What He does say is that He will work out the things that happen in my life for His glory. It’s all about His plans, not mine.

I heard a pastor speak one time and use a really good illustration that stuck with me. Many times we come to God wanting a contract of sorts. “Now, God, if You’ll just give me Your will all laid out here so that I can know what You want and make my plans, then I’ll just put my signature right there on the bottom line and promise to do your will!” But that’s not the way it works. Instead, committing my life to God, seeking His power and strength in me, means taking a blank page and signing the bottom. Then I say to God, “Here it is, Lord, fill it in.”

 This year, as I focus on a new year, a clean slate, a fresh start, I want God’s power to live in it because I know I don’t have the power. I want to be willing to it God’s way, in His strength, knowing His ways are much better than mine. (Isaiah 55: 8 For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the Lord.9 For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts.) This year I want to unleash God’s power in my life.

Unleash Your Power To Start FreshAs you are thinking through changes you might need to make this year as you seek to do God’s will, you may want to read a brand new book coming soon from Dr. Kath Koch, the co-author of last year’s No More Perfect Kids. This book, Screens and Teens: Connecting With Our Kids in a Wireless World looks like it’s going to be a great source for parents who want to navigate the digital age with their teens. I know I’m excited to read it because I have two teenagers who both really like their electronic devices and connecting with their friends and the world at large through them. The books is released in March, and I’m looking forward to it! I’ll post more as I have the opportunity to read the book.

I’m linking up with Third Thursday Thoughts at Hearts at Home.
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