Fostering a Love of Poetry With This Month's Poppins Book Nook

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It's hard to believe that this month is the last Poppins Book Nook for the year! I've loved being involved this year, and I'm looking forward to a new year as a part of the Poppins Book Nook team. I'll have all of this year's posts under the tab above, so you can look for themed book activities any time of the year. And, I'll be blogging about the upcoming book club year soon, so stay tuned to find out what great topics we're exploring in 2015.

I'm excited about this month's book club theme because it crept up on me and turned out to be exactly what we needed! Without realizing that this month's theme is poetry, I had already decided that I was going to have Ashlyne and Rachel do a unit on poetry as their next literature unit. So we had just started our poetry unit when I realized that poetry was also the theme of this month. I'm going to share with you just a couple of fun poetry activities we've done, and then I'll link up some of the poetry resources I'm using. Don't forget to check out all the other great cohosts for more book club fun this month.

I've used a variety of online resources and one main poetry book for our poetry unit. The book that we are focusing on is The Random House Book of Poetry for Children. I'm using it with this unit from Homeschool Share. Throughout the unit, we are taking a look at various poetry techniques and elements and then reading poems from the book that illustrate those elements. There are some great notebooking pages available at the unit study site.

Another fun resource I've found is this site- Poetry 4 Kids. Kenn Nesbitt is an award winning children's poet who has several kids' poetry books. This site has many, many of his poems, along with printables and activities to go with some. I drew a few of our most recent activities from this site.

From this site I chose two worksheets that each used one of Kenn's poems in a language arts activity. "All My Great Excuses" is a humorous poem. In the worksheet, the girls filled in the past tense of verbs in the blanks on each poetry line. The other sheet was based on a poem- "The Puppy Ate My Earbuds"- and had the girls picking the correct spelling of various words throughout the poem. I will say that all of Kenn's poems seem to rhyme. This was different for the girls because much of the poetry we've been reading from the other book does not simply follow the ABAB rhyme pattern of all of Kenn's poetry. We've been reading a variety of poetry and discussing how all poetry doesn't rhyme and how rhyme is just one tool that poets can use to create the image they want to create.

From Kenn's site, I also found an activity that involved making invisible ink for a "secret" message to go along with Kenn's poem- "Please Don't Read This Poem." In this activity kids use lemon juice to write a secret message. We didn't have any lemon juice so I googled how to make invisible ink. I quickly found several choices.

For the first choice, we needed baking soda and water. It wasn't until the girls were mixing it and preparing to write on blank paper that we realized that we needed grape juice for the ink reveal, and we didn't have any. We tried the milk method- to be revealed by holding the paper to a light; and we went ahead and wrote with the baking soda water to see if there was another way to reveal.

As it turned out, the milk writing didn't reveal very well at all, held up to a light; but the baking soda writing was revealed very well when brushed with tea.

Poetry has been a fun unit study for us. We're going to be continuing with it for a while using the unit study at Homeschool Share. There is also a poetry lapbook with fun activities involving specific poems that I think we'll be using next.

As you read some of the other great poetry ideas, don't forget to check out Jill, our host from Enchanted Homeschooling Mom. She's been sharing awesome free printables each month to go along with our theme. These include lapbook components and bookmarks.

And here are my cohosts for the Poppins Book Nook book club. You can check out all of their great poetry themed activities for this month.

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