IndoctriNation: Public School and the Decline of Christianity in America- A Schoolhouse Crew Review

I’ve seen the film IndoctriNation advertised and promoted in various places- at homeschool conventions and online. And it has intrigued me. So I was excited to have the opportunity to review IndocrtiNation from Great Commission Films.

We received a physical copy of the DVD IndoctriNation. This DVD sells for $19.99 on the Great Commission Films site. There are also options for purchasing a book, multiple copies of the DVD to distribute or purchasing the movie in Spanish. There isn’t an age recommendation that I could find, but I would probably let my older kids- 14 and 15- watch it, but I wouldn’t let my younger set watch it. Some of the content would be a little heavy for them.

IndoctriNation is produced by Colin Gunn. Colin is a homeschooling father and a film maker whose films have won awards. In the film, he loads his family into an old school bus and takes them on travels throughout America visiting public school teachers, historians, pastors, and others who speak out against the public school system and the doctrines they espouse. The film is a combination of a documentary and interview segments.

As he’s making the film, Colin speaks to pastors such as Voddie Baucham, Scott Brown, and Erwin Lutzer. He speaks to a variety of public school teachers. He speaks to authors and educators such as Ken Ham and R.C. Sproul Jr. He speaks to several people involved in law and politics. He also speaks to Brian Rohrbough, the father of a teen killed in the Columbine High shootings.

The theme of the movie throughout the documentary and interview segments is to expose negative things about the public school system and to discuss the choice of Christian families to be involved in the public school system. The pastors, historians, and authors examine the impact that public schools have on our society. The public school teachers and leaders take a look at the philosophies they’ve encountered within the schools. You can view a trailer of the film below.

I chose to watch the film by myself. At some time in the future, I may let my older kids watch. I’ve talked to them about the film as I watched. I wouldn’t let kids younger than them watch. (They’re 15 and 14.) I would definitely recommend previewing before you decided to allow other kids to watch.

So what did I think? I’m going to give my views from two different perspectives.

On the one hand, I think the film is interesting and well-done. I like that there is a large variety of experts, teachers, and parents represented. The blend of documentary style information and interviews holds the viewers attention and interest.

On the other hand, the conclusions that the cast members come to are all negative towards the public schools. The goal of the movie doesn’t seem to be to listen to a variety of opinions but, instead, to determine the ways in which the public school system is bad. There is a definite conclusion detected at the beginning of the movie- even in the name of the movie which is somewhat derogatory and possibly provoking- and all the information given in the movie is meant to move the viewer toward that conclusion.

I think that the people who are going to be in total agreement with this movie, who are going to really “like” it without feeling attacked or defensive, are probably homeschoolers already. I don’t know too many parents with kids in public school who would view this film without becoming defensive about their choice. From my own personal experience- I agree with much of the movie; but I have friends who are Christian parents with kids in public school, or Christian teachers teaching in public school, who most likely wouldn’t.

The information in the movie definitely gives viewers something to think about. The desire to help Christian parents to be informed is a noble one. And I think that, presented in the right way, these ideas could spur some good discussion and some deep thinking. My only concern is that the presentation may turn off the very people that the film desires to reach.

The Facts:
Company- Great Commission Films
ProductIndoctriNation DVD
Ages- Adult (possibly older teens)
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