Koru Naturals: All Natural Health and Beauty Products- A TOS Crew Review...For Me!

Most of the reviews I have the opportunity to do for the TOS Review Crew are all about curriculum and resources to use for the kids. But in this review I had the opportunity to try some things that were (mostly) for me. I had the opportunity to try out health and beauty products from Koru Naturals, a New Zealand based company that has some great all natural products to try.

We received the Emu Oil and the Koolpurrie Restoring Balm. When I first had the opportunity to look at some of the products from Koru Naturals, I was interested in the use of emu oil in so many of them. I did a little research and found out about the many health benefits of emu oil. It can be good for cuts and scrapes, for scars, for eczema and psoriasis, for muscle inflammation. There were many uses for it. I had no idea.

Koru Naturals is a company originally based in New Zealand. They use all natural products found in that area to develop their products. Their symbol is the koru, the Maori name for a young, just unfurling fern.

When I learned what two products I was receiving, I had some specific areas in mind for which to try them. The Emu Oil according to the site can be used on hair and nails as well as skin and is a good moisturizer. I have particularly dry fingers in the cold weather, and my fingers tend to split. I used the Emu Oil on my fingertips that were dry and cracking. I also used it on Ashlyne’s leg that had a dry spot.

The oil is thick, and it doesn’t take much for an application. In fact, information on the site indicates that if it feels greasy after the application, you’ve used too much. I rubbed the oil in to cracked places on my fingertips, using just a drop at a time.

The oil really does work. It moisturizes the cracked places on my fingers and makes them feel smooth. It also helped to moisturize Ashlyne’s leg where it was dry. When I used the correct amount, the oil didn’t leave any greasy residue.

After reading more about the help with muscle inflammation, I want to try the oil on some of the particularly painful places I have due to fibromyalgia.

The Koolpurrie Balm turned out to be my favorite product. It contains emu oil and lanolin and is supposed to be good for cracked and chapped skin, according to the site. Again, instructions are not to use too much, only a small amount. The balm is thick and creamy.

I started off letting Charles use this one. His hands chap badly in the winter. Sometimes they bleed because they are so chapped. He started using this on his hands at night. The balm actually helped his hands, but his complaint was that it made his hands so greasy.

I began using it on my hands at night to relieve the chapping on my fingertips. While the Emu Oil was good to run into a single finger or two that was splitting, the balm was good to rub around all of my really dry places on my fingers. I didn’t have much problem with the greasy feeling. Perhaps Charles used to much or perhaps it was just his sensitivity. It did feel pretty greasy right after applying, but it soothed my dry fingers so much it was worth it. I have also used the balm on dry places on my feet. It is a soothing, creamy feeling there as well.

I’ve been quite pleased with the results of using both the Emu Oil and the Koolpurrie Balm. It’s difficult to find products that help my really dry skin. And I especially like that the products have all natural ingredients and not chemically manufactured ones. I’m looking forward to continuing use of the balm and the oil, and I’d love to try other products from Koru Naturals.

The Facts:
CompanyKoru Naturals
The Products- Emu Oil and Koolpurrie Balm
Prices- Emu Oil ($9.95); Koolpurrie Balm ($12.50)
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/korunaturals

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Koru Naturals Review

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