This Week @ As We Walk Along the Road: February 27, 2015- Snow and Ice and I'm So Ready for Spring

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This week has been a moderately busy one. We had ice/snow two days this week. I am really ready for all of that to be done with. Here in the South, when there is any threat of ice or snow things shut down. So we spent the whole week playing the “What will be open? Will Daddy go to work like normal?” game. I am really done.

We began the week with a gymnastics meet on Sunday. I was the nominated parent because Sunday is a work day for Jason. The meet was in Columbia, so it wasn’t a far trip. My dad went with me, and we took all of the girls. Ashlyne is consistently doing well in vault this season, and she placed 3rd again this week.

Here is my cute puppy picture for the week. Look at that baby snuggled with Rachel’s ducky. (Of course right after the girls snapped the picture, she tried to eat that ducky! She loves stuffed animals.)

On Tuesday morning, we had a brief snow storm. The temperatures didn’t stay below freezing, so it was all gone by the afternoon, but the kids went out on it for a while, and Blondie loved the snow. Because it started after school started and didn’t stick around, it didn’t really affect many openings/closings, but it did keep me home from working in the nursery at church for ladies Bible study.

One of the fun things the girls and I have been doing for science is Visual Learning Systems. A full review is coming next week, but we’ve been enjoying it. This week we’ve been learning about ecology. One of the fun projects they did was this food web where they placed the animals and plants around the page and connected them with string.

On Wednesday evening we had reports of heavy snow coming, possibly 4-8 inches (which for us is a blizzard, folks!). Sure enough sleet started while we were at Wednesday night choir, and I took the kids and left early. By the time we got home, the sleet had turned in to beautiful fluffy snow flakes and was beginning to stick.

These Southern kids were thrilled and ran around catching flakes on their tongues and making big plans for sledding in all that snow on Thursday.

However, this was about the sum of it when all was said and done- just enough to be cold and wet and yuck. We had some disappointed kids. But, at least Daddy had the day off because schools had closed the night before, and the church office closed.

This week I’ve heard we have the prediction of warmer weather coming. I’m super glad, and I’ll be very ready for it. In fact, let’s just get rid of all the snow and have some spring!

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