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I’m finally writing a weekly wrap up on Sunday evening! Better late than never, I guess. Blogging has been crazy this week because I had a migraine over the weekend and got all of track. I’m doing a little catch up now, and I love to post the weekly wrap up because I love going back and looking at all the things we’ve done. Here goes…

Charles and Kathryne and I are still watching Mother, Can I Trust the Government? on Monday nights. It’s an online class that I’m reviewing. There is an accompanying book, and I must admit that even I am learning quite a bit. I’m always amazed at what I didn’t learn in school that I’m learning now.

Ashlyne and Rachel and I have been reading about the grasslands (since we are studying Africa). Early in the week we had a pretty neat experiment that showed why sweating cools us and why elephants need to spray themselves with water because they don’t sweat. The girls made fans and waved them over their arms. Then we wet one arm and compared how cool that one was with how cool the dry arm was. It was easy to see that the wet arm was much cooler.

We played the geography game with Africa this week. There are quite a few countries there for the girls to learn, but it’s amazing me how many world countries they can name now on different continents.

Another review we’re enjoying- this is math analogies from Critical Thinking Co. I like it so far, and I’m looking forward to this review.

On Friday the younger girls made murals of the African savannah. They used brown grocery bags opened up, and they cut out pictures of animals that would be found in the savannah.

Blondie kept trying to get in on the mural action, and I couldn’t resist a picture of that cute nose.

This was Ashlyne’s favorite picture on her mural. I do think they look cute and cuddly.

We have a brand new Walmart in town. It’s a Walmart Market, meaning they only have groceries. It’s not a mega store. I don’t typically shop at Walmart, but this store is right where I drive back and forth to church, so I had to try it. It was so so. They carry some of my gluten free things- which is always a plus. And the prices are pretty good. It’s still Walmart, and I doubt it will become a regular store, but it is nice to have it in such a convenient spot.

On Saturday, Ashlyne had a meet about an hour away. I went with Kathryne and my mom to take her. It went well. The meet was small, but the girls performed well, and our team took first in Level 4.

So there’s a somewhat hurried look at our week. We head into a new one tomorrow. It’s looking like a typical (busy) one.

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