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Last week I declared that this week would be a spring break. Yes, it was a little wishful thinking. But it was also because I had some blog and house things that I really felt behind in, and I felt like I needed some catch up time. It’s the beauty of homeschooling. So we had an official school break. It wasn’t as productive a week as I had hoped. Is it ever? But I did get some things done.

The kids had lots of extra playing time- which they loved. Rachel dug up some old Playmobile pieces and made a hospital for the Lego and Polly Pocket people. 

 Other than playing, we had our usual extracurricular activities. I kept the nursery for our church Bible study on Tuesday. And all of the kids had their sports and classes. All in all it was a really laid back week with not much to write about.

I spent some of my blogging time this week writing this series all about the book I’ve recently read- Motivate Your Child. The book has some great information, and I’ve been gushing about it.

Today wasn’t the week for our co-op, so we hosted our annual Valentines party. I’ve done it since the kids were little. We invite fellow homeschoolers over for candy and cupcakes and Valentines. We had lots of fun today. The weather is turning very cold here, but the kids were able to get outside anyway after exchanging cards and eating. I had fun, too, getting to hang out with the moms and chit chat.

This coming week might be a little lighter. The kids’ sessions at the gym have ended for now-except for Ashlyne- so that will cut down a little on the coming and going. I’m looking forward to that.

I’m linking up this week with Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers and Home to 4 Kiddos Week in Review.

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